In the future, the direction of the financial world will be determined by coders and software developers. The software developers who are confident and believe that they can pass on their most creative business ideas competed at Albaraka Garaj Fintech Hackathon. Hackathon’s winners were ‘ÖdEfendi’, a non-contact payment solution, ‘İrfan’, a machine learning based robo-consulting application, and ‘Hypersoft’, a virtual call center project. At Albaraka Garaj, the world’s first startup acceleration center established within the participation bank, there were 10 innovative enterprises in the finals.

Coders competed
Software developers who are confident in their knowledge of coding at financial technologies are supported by different organizations. In this context, Albaraka Türk invited software developers who want to reshape the financial technologies of the future to exhibit their skills at Albaraka Garaj Fintech Hackathon. As the ‘ÖdEfendi: Contactless Payment Solution’ project took the first place within the scope of Albaraka Garaj Fintech Hackathon where the applications are received via www.albarakagaraj.com ‘İrfan: Robo consulting application based on Machine Learning’ project became second and ‘Hypersoft: Virtual call center project’ became the third project. In the award ceremony, Albaraka’s Deputy General Manager Temel Hazıroğlu presented the prize of 10 thousand TL to the winning team in the award ceremony; Albaraka Banking Group CIO Ahmed Albalooshi presented the prize of 7 thousand 500 TL to the second team and the third team was awarded 5 thousand TL that was presented by Albaraka’s Deputy General Manager Fatih Boz.

Overpowering innovators are needed
Albaraka Türk’s General Manager Melikşah Utku says, “Albaraka Garaj Startup Acceleration Center was realized to give life to innovative ideas in the field of technology and to support entrepreneurs who work in this field. We support entrepreneurs with technology-based business ideas and projects within the Albaraka Garaj. Albaraka Garaj Fintech Hackathon is an innovative and dynamic event where coding, design and marketing teams who want to reshape financial technologies of the future transform their ideas into demos for two days and eventually make their presentations to the jury for the grand prize. We need partners, fintech initiatives, and overpowering innovators to keep pace with innovation at an incredible pace with new technologies. Our aim is to lead the invention of new and digital social banking channels apart from classical banking channels. It is very important to us that our customers are able to contact us whenever they want and through whichever the channels they prefer. In this direction, entrepreneur candidates are expected to provide ideas and projects that will offer better services to our customers. We want to offer an innovative solution that enables our customers to manage their entire cash flow with new applications.”

10 prominent new business models
A total of 18 entrepreneurs, who passed the pre-screening and interviewing stages across the fields from financial technology to large data and from insurance technology to artificial intelligence, went to the finals at Albaraka Garaj, where a total of 455 entrepreneurs had applied from 55 cities during the nearly 40-day application period. Following the assessment of the jury, 10 initiatives as Techsign, Kartoon 3D, Omnibus, Rubici.io, Kobikit, Inooster, Hesapöder, Yemexpress, Akıllı Eksper and Vola were entitled to benefit from the acceleration program. Techsign, which is a software solution developed with artificial intelligence algorithms that enable biometric or digital signing from tablets or mobile phones and determine the authenticity of signatures, Kartoon 3D, which is a set of enhanced-reality-based foreign language, mathematics, literacy and team-work learning, Rubici.io, which is an artificial intelligence based chatbot development solution, Akıllı Eksper, which is an InsurTech solution providing customized smart insurance, Vola, which is a local and community-based mobile sharing platform, Yemexpress, which is a mobile pre-order and payment application where you can order food before arriving the restaurant, Hesapöder, which is a financial technology initiative that offers making payments through mobile POS solution, Kobikit, which is a Saas solution, Inooster, which is a software that offers performance and loyalty solution through dramatization, Omnibus, which is a software platform, approach the future business models from a different perspective.