Epic, Picturesque, Poetic: Unforgettable Train Travels

Epic, Picturesque, Poetic: Unforgettable Train Travels

Ever since I was a kid, when a train passed by me, I’ve always dreamed of being on it… Train rides have such an impressive rhythm, an aspect that shows the flowing world from such a different perspective. Train passengers are also different; it seems as if it is easier to open your heart and almost every conversation turns into a life philosophy class. Whether you ride on the world-renowned luxurious Eastern Express, which is also used as a movie background many times, or on a steam-powered train, which is a historical heritage, when you are on your way, you’ll deliver that the most beautiful window that opens to life, geographies, and the world is a train window. I compiled train travels for you that I cannot forget…

The most beautiful Eastern tale, Eastern Express

The Eastern Express, which runs between Ankara and Kars, one of the oldest lines and the longest routes of TCDD Transportation, has become so popular among both domestic and foreign tourists in recent years, it has become very difficult to find available tickets. Each morning, departing from Ankara Old Terminal and following the route of Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum, and Kars, the Eastern Express passes through the most beautiful landscapes of Anatolia during the 25-hour journey. The snowy season is the best time for this journey to leave a great impact, albeit cold. The visual states of the locations passed under the snow are very impressive for all kinds of travelers, especially photographers. Every city where the train passes has considerable properties, but the main purpose of many is to arrive in Kars, one of the cities that the snow becomes the best… One of the biggest trumps of this road is the impressive history of the Euphrates River and its curves.

On the rails of history, Le Train Lezard Rouge

If you are in the south of Tunisia, Le Train Lezard Rouge, a make of 1911, is a historic experience not to be missed. The Red Lizard passes through the legendary Selja Canyon, which is impossible to reach by other means, for 1 hour and 45 minutes and landscapes that you want to keep an eye on both sides of the train to catch them all. It dives into tunnels, crosses the mountains, and leaves you with magnificent views of canyons and landscapes. The route of the train begins from Metlaoui, which is 55 km from Tozeur city, and advances on its old route towards a phosphate quarry. Don’t be discouraged by hearing that the train is called “touristic”. In fact, this train was called ‘Curzun al-Ahmar’, which was allocated to the late Ottoman Bey, Emin Bey, who served in the name of the Ottoman Empire in Tunisia, and his family’s journeys around the capital, between 1943 and 1957. The train, presented by the French government, has six linked wagons, including the Bey’s private wagon and the restaurant. Designed to suit the historical atmosphere, the train takes you to the past in a time tunnel. Along with the independence of Tunisia in 1956, and a year later the declaration of the republic, this train was abandoned as the symbol of the colony and monarchy. It was renamed the Red Lizard in 1975 and was revived in 1984.

A window that opens to the world, Bernina Express

Bernina Express takes its place among the unforgettable train travels with beautiful landscapes appearing in every kilometer as one of the most memorable train travels in the world. It is so natural that Switzerland and Italy, which are among the greenest and most picturesque countries in the world, are on its route. The route starts in Eastern Switzerland with Chur and St Moritz. Continues towards the border of Tirano in Northern Italy. For four hours and 144 km, there are 55 tunnels and 196 bridges crowned by the magnificent Alpine Mountains, as well as high-falling waterfalls, glaciers, and valleys that will astonish you. Thanks to the large windows of the train, nobody has to regret the missed landscapes. There is almost always a snowstorm at the 600-meter high Bernina Pass, but you can choose to enjoy the ride instead of becoming tense.

The magnificence of the Balkans, Mostar-Sarajevo Route

Saying that for limited budgets, one of the most economical and most scenic train trips in the world is the Mostar-Sarajevo route would not be an exaggeration. The train crosses the Neretva River and passes through a very rough and brutal nature and reaches Sarajevo in about 2.5 hours. Nature along the way is as creepy as it is charming; mountains, viaducts, tunnels and winding roads are crossed.

A long trip, many promises, Tazara Express

Tazara Express, which departs from Dar es Salaam, the capital of the East African country of Tanzania, and goes to Zambia’s Kapiri Mposhi city, covers 1,860 km in 46 hours. It is almost two days in the African continent where many problems are solved in slow motion. Let’s not mention that there may be delays. However, the theory of ‘the beauty is the result of a difficult labor’ can be discussed here, because this journey will give you patience with promises that will rival many famous train trips. With its pristine natural habitat, villages and national parks, Tanzania is not only offering a true African experience, but it is also the place where the heart of the safari beats. It is not a lucky coincidence but a guarantee to meet the animals that you could not meet or encounter for many days on safari tours on this train journey. In fact, the real promise is neither landscape nor wildlife. The greatest attraction of the journey is the fascinating chaos and riot of sounds that you will witness when the train stops and the daily life that you feel as if you are a part of it while you are gazing out of the window.

Saluting the Andes, Machu Picchu Train

Many visitors who come to Peru, among the most popular countries of South America according to travelers, ride the tourist train from Cusco to Machu Picchu, the masterpiece of the Inca civilization. Although this is a pleasant route, it is worth making a note of the travel from Lima to Huancayo, the captivating capital of the mid-mountainous regions, for a slightly more extraordinary experience. The world’s second highest altitude train journey, which lasts 12 hours, floats through the Andes, reaching an altitude of 4,782 meters. It would be useful to remind that the train only makes one or two trips in a month.


An epic journey, Trans-Siberian Express

If your dream is an epic route, then your train is the Trans-Siberian Express. It is difficult for an attraction to be the rival of the Trans-Siberian Express, which passes through eight time zones throughout Russia’s vast and least-visited inner regions, for 9,200 km. This rail line is the summit of the epic train journeys. In fact, the Trans-Siberian route is not a single one. While the original Trans-Siberian route takes passengers from Moscow to the port of Vladivostok, one of the most colorful alternatives is the Trans-Mongolian route. This route connects three major cities and brings together all kinds of geography. Trains start their journey in the Russian capital, from the birch forests across Ural Mountains towards the town of Yekaterinburg. Within a few days, before reaching the Mongolian Prairies, the lands of free horses, the glittering blue waters of Lake Baikal dazzle your eyes. The last part of the journey from the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar to Beijing ends in a marvelous way, going beyond the drought of the Gobi Desert, industrial landscapes and green mountains, and even allowing you to see the Great Wall of China for a moment.

Reddish brown geography, The Ghan

The remotest corners of Australia called outback have no place in the maps. These regions, however, are only in the songs of the Aboriginal people of the continent and have always remained mysterious until the European invaders covered the distance on camels. However, the 26-car Ghan now transports passengers to these inaccessible areas in great luxury. The train travels for 3,200 km from the center of Australia, almost from coast to coast, for three days. Although it is named after the camel herders who came from Afghanistan and founded this line in 1929, this journey cannot be compared to their difficult desert walks. It is a comfortable trip with a rich menu and a 24-hour room service, which makes breakfast in bed