Eskişehir And The Devrim Car

Eskişehir And The Devrim Car

Turkey’s first indigenous automobile experiment Devrim (The Car of Revolution) is among the most interesting symbols of Eskişehir. The car of Revolution, Devrim, which takes place among the collection of Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ), continues to attract great attention by reaching 112 thousand visitors in just one year.

The automobile was made available for President Cemal Gürsel’s use on the Republic Day ceremonies in 1961. Turkey, unfortunately, could not commence the mass production of this automobile that marked a huge revolution in terms of Turkey’s industrial history. Only one of the Devrim cars, which were produced in 4 units, has survived. The Devrim car, which is kept in the specially built glass compartment in the TÜLOMSAŞ Museum, is still operational. Completed in a short period of time such as 4.5 months, regarded by everyone as impossible, the car of revolution, is like taking a peek at history in terms of showing the determination of the idealistic people of that period.

The birth of the Devrim car is June 16, 1961. The President Cemal Gürsel had ordered an automobile being made with the condition of being ready by the Republic Day. Engin Bozoğlu was appointed to lead the project. Bozoğlu brought together a team of engineers and a group of technical staff that worked within the State Railways Factories and Traction Departments in Ankara. Eskişehir Railway Facility was decided as the production facility of the automobile. TCDD had a strong technical staff, from its workers to its engineers, and factories in Ankara, Eskişehir, Sivas, and Adapazarı, which had been established for the purpose of repair but had been producing spare parts in a large extent. These traits of the Railways were effective in getting the project.

Precious pieces take place in the museum

The TÜLOMSAŞ Car of Revolution did not go into mass production but today it has gained the prestige it deserved by means of the TÜLOMSAŞ Museum established by the guidance of Director General of TÜLOMSAŞ Hayri Avcı. 2200-Model Steam Engine and 24000-Model Locomotive Engine Cabin and more are exhibited in the museum as parts of the collection.