Everyone had begun to wander the success story behind the dressing style of the Bihter character of the TV drama called Aşk-ı Memnu (Forbidden Love) and one of the names who had achieved this success was Başak Dizer. The beautiful style consultant, who later married to Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, one of the main characters of the TV series, stole all the hearts in Turkey. We had a pleasant conversation with Başak Dizer.

At the beginning, on what were you working with your business partner Deniz Marşan?
We designed a web site and a company that offered wardrobe check-up, wardrobe detox, and shopping consulting. We were working at Bilsar and doing that at the same time. Later, we wanted to produce TV shows related with fashion. We mentioned our wish to Kerem Çatay, owner of Ay Production. He gave us another task. We began to give style consulting to the main characters of the TV series called Aşk-ı Memnu. Later, we stayed in this business.

Do you read the scenario before you begin to style the characters? How do you select a style for a character?
Definitely… You must read the scenario carefully as if you are an actor or a director. Analyzing the character well, especially at the beginning of the project, is very important. We keep in touch with the director during these phases to create a character and a wardrobe together.

Do you continue to do style consulting?
It is a part of our lives now. We do style consulting for my friends, my sister, celebrities, people who would like my professional help. However, we are now focusing on series, films, and commercials because we cannot reserve much time for it. We also offer red-carpet image consulting to celebrities. We are not doing private consulting any longer.

How was the idea of Room born as you were doing style consulting for TV series?
At the time of Aşk-ı Memnu, style consulting had been done for a TV series for the first time with us. There used to be a costume team before. We worked with designer brands as a first. I had already been working with many brands at the time because my job was related with fashion. We worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Beymen. We made deals to use real diamonds, designer bags, phones, and cars. When those products began to be seen on the series and turned into advertisement, brands began to offer their products to be used in the series. These events formed a sector. After that, all TV series began working with style consultants.

You have a kitchen in your place. What do you have to offer?
Kitchen is important to me because I travel often and discover new flavors in new places. Since we appeal to women, we choose practical, popular and liked tastes.

What are the TV series that you give style consulting right now?
Kara Sevda and the “Cesur” character in Cesur ve Güzel. In the recent years, we created the wardrobes of the rich characters in Medcezir, Kuzey Güney, Son, and Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne. We are assisting them with the latest trends as their style consultant. We do not design or have someone sew anything; we only determine what is right for the character within the aspect of suitability among what is readily available.

How is it possible to become chic?
You have the ingredients to create the formula; you should get your influence from your character, your living standard, and your social surroundings and shape your style up according to the trends that change every season.  In fact, trends should not be your first reference.

Your education?
Marmara Public Relations. However, I used to make drawings at home all the time; I still keep them; as if I was drawing for fashion shows, so many illustrations. My grandfather was a painter. My mother used to be an art teacher. My uncle is an interior architect. My cousin is a designer. Drawing and designing run in the family.

What do you have to say for your own style?
Mine is more pop. I like masculine details. I actually wear what I feel the most comfortable in it.

You design men’s fashion and do the styling. What are the things that inspire you and is there a celebrity that you like his style?  
I always become inspired by the people I see on streets during my trips abroad and also Pinterest, Pitti Uomo Florence Men’s Fashion Fair, foreign fashion magazines, blogs, and world famous names, video clips of famous musicians, fashion shows. There is none that I follow as a celebrity but there are designer names and bloggers I follow.

You had received design classes in Milano, Italy. Are you impressed by Italy?
Italy impresses the whole world. I had lived in London for a year and a half, so to me London is more impressive. However, I think there is no one that Italy cannot influence with its music, food, fashion, and everything else. Their cuisine also appeals to our Turkish taste buds.

You catch up with the world trends by traveling often and this place that you have created is a first in Turkey. How do you feel about it?
We are proud and happy to create and start a concept that is new to Turkey; however, there are examples of it around the world. As an addition to what I have told about our business, in the three storey new structure, our showroom that offers styling continues to serve in a separate area.

You are one of the most talked about women in Turkey because of your marriage right now. However, you present a calm and modest attitude.
I am a character who is always so calm, quiet, happy with herself, and regarding life and people with a positive perspective. My calmness is hidden within my inner peace that has been with me since my childhood.

Which one is a must for you? Brewed coffee, Turkish coffee, herbal tea?
Green tea.