The book of Annemarie Schimmel known for her studies in the field of Sufism, which was translated into Turkish in 2011 And Muhammad is His Messenger (Kabalcı publications) is remarkable in two aspects. The former is; that the book intends for westerners, more clearly, non-Muslims. This is somewhat of the objective pursued by Annemarie Schimmel. The latter is; that the book intends for easterners, namely Muslims. In other words, it is related to what the book tells Muslims to do, what it reminds them of and what it makes them forget about.

One aspect intending for Easterners is; related to the question of how many different aspects of the veneration of Prophet which Muslims already have is approached and how it is expressed in thousands ways. Otherwise, Muslims do not strive for loving or learn to love our Prophet by reading this book. Maybe that will jog your conversation, go deep into conversation, and figure out how conversation is expressed in various ways. Because the book And Mohammad is His Messenger has a historical aspect as well. Although it is not read as a history or biography book, it is quite equipped with amount of knowledge that will satisfy history enthusiasts.

Book entirely deals with Muslim’s veneration of Muhammad (S.A.V.). This is the aspect of the book, which distinguishes between Siyer (the books that tell about Muhammad’s life). Schimmel is already aware of that without knowing Prophet’s life at least in general terms, it is impossible to understand veneration of Muhammad. Therefore, she struggles for giving the Prophet’s life on the introduction page albeit very briefly. However, the book’s real treasure is hidden behind the information that we could say as short point shot given in-between, while making poem analysis rather than general information. Because, to figure out the meaning of a verse in a poem is sometimes referred to history of Islam, sometimes to the Quran commentary, and sometimes to lengthy hadis (Muhammad’s good words) explanations. This is sustaining and didactic aspect of the book in the field of mysticism, history, jurisprudence or commentary.

Main purpose of the author is…
However, Schimmel does not approach to the veneration of the Prophet with a modern understanding. If it had been so, it would not have had to do with tales, fairy tales and miracles telling which we could say that it is different expressions and images of veneration of Prophet. If it had been so by any chance, she would have made a judgmental or probably devaluing approach. It is not so. Schimmel dedicated herself fully to understand the veneration, respect and trust of Muhammad in the hearts of Muslims. This constitutes the first aspect of the book, namely the main intention of the author. Because as widely known, what Jesus means to Christians, it cannot be said that Muhammad is the same meaning to Muslims. Accordingly, non-Muslims cannot understand the veneration of, respect for, faith and trust in Muhammad, and cannot be intervened and is sometimes scared of it. And Muhammad is His Messenger is unintelligible oriented research; and also an answer to the concerns and fears of western world relevant to the subject.

Briefly, And Muhammad is His Messenger is; not an endeavor to capture Muhammad’s life, but history of love, respect and trust in Muhammad created in the hearts of Muslims; in other words, is an attempt to capture infinite states of love.