Everyone of All Ages is Competing At ‘Hadi’

Everyone of All Ages is Competing At ‘Hadi’

In recent days everyone is focused on Turkey’s first online live mobile knowledge competition… Since June 9, 2018, the date of the first competition, Hadi’s member count has reached 4.4 million and has distributed rewards over 1 million TL.

The competition airs live online every day at 12.30 and 20.30. We talked about the goals for the new period of the competition that has received great attention with the co-founder of Hadi Emre Ulusoy.

Born by the idea of a producer with an Oscar award

It draws attention that the mastermind of the Hadi mobile quiz show is Nick Reed; a producer with an Oscar award. Competitions such as ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?’ have been utterly popular in the world for years. The difference of Hadi is that it’s a harmonization of a quiz show with the trend of video and live-stream… We asked Hadi Co-Founder Emre Ulusoy how they are building the new competition format and received this answer: “Hadi was founded by me, Gökhan Örün and the Lena Software team with the support of international investors. Nick Reed also gives mentoring and creative marketing support to the application. Competitions similar to Hadi, in the format called trivia have started being tested in many countries. Also this platform, which hundreds of thousands of people can connect to, can be a host to many game and competition ideas. In foreign countries, many tests containing factors such as product introduction and selling are slowly being conducted. Hadi, which experiences technical malfunctions despite working with the leading technology companies of the world, could allow 6 thousand people to compete at the same time in the beginning. Hadi, which has had its broadcast blackout due to technical reasons, has managed to increase this number up to 580 thousand with the infrastructure of Turkcell and the strategic partnership of BiP. Right now it has the capacity to allow 1 million people to compete at the same time through the data centers of Turkcell. At the same time thanks to the competitions arranged in the sponsorship of BiP, Dergilik and Paycell, it has taken state of being an application which triggers mutual interaction and generates top-tier harmony.”

Hadi is thought of like a TV channel

Emre Ulusoy, who underlines the fact Hadi is a platform that is very seriously invested in, says that they are progressing with very strong angel investors. Ulusoy, who emphasizes that they are in possession of a screen that 580 thousand people cannot take their eyes off of for 20 minutes, says, “15 engineers who are experts in their areas have been working for this platform for months. We are continuing to make investments towards strengthening our infrastructure. We have a structure that is the biggest traffic generator of the Turkcell data center. The Hadi Quiz Show which sees television as its biggest competitor, draws attention as being an enterprise that very large amounts of money has been spent on for a start-up. The expenses made by Hadi until now had been covered by its investors. Now, sponsorship and promotion agreements have started being made with the biggest companies in Turkey. For the users this means more fun competitions and bigger rewards… The campaigns being made have reached a unique success never seen before. Hadi has proved that its promotional strength is higher than many high rating shows. We are thinking of Hadi as if it is a television channel. We only broadcast for 1 hour a day. The Hadi channel is not on air for 23 hours. We are going to try different games, competitions and interesting formats within the channel. You can register quickly and easily with only your phone number to Hadi, which can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.”

There will be new competitions and different formats in 2019

Emre Ulusoy, who mentions that they’ve long ago surpassed the goals they had put for Hadi which is played by everyone of all ages, summarizes their new goals: “We are planning an aggressive growth for 2019. Hadi, without waiting for the year 2019, is preparing to create a new mass of telephone users in another country playing in that country’s language. In 2019 many new vertical competitions, renewed formats, new features and completely different games and competitions are coming up. We also have projects for Hadi’s uses in its corporate side. We are going to release a product to exactly meet the demands depending the requests we are receiving. More than the competitions on mobile, competitions on television are entering our radar. There are quiz shows we all watch, formats that are spread worldwide. With Hadi, cellphones are relieved of being the second screen and are starting to become the first screen. Thanks to its interactive power, we can expect the formats similar to those that we are accustomed to from television to be much more fun and interactive on the pocket television. The primary target of the Hadi team is to listen to their audience. Every employee knows the comments of their audiences and what they want to add or change. Hadi only changes itself into the shape that receives approval from ‘Hadifans’.”