Extraordinary, Fun and Action-Packed…

Extraordinary, Fun and Action-Packed…

Many sports lovers aim towards the extraordinary sports branches and new experiments to experience adrenaline at the top level throughout the world.

We have gathered some information on the new generation extreme sports branches which combine different types of sports branches such as ultimate tazer ball, chess boxing, bossaball, and mountain unicycling (MUni) for Raillife readers. These interesting sports branches that are based on new rules, dynamism, and concentration of mind and body promise fun and brand new adventures to their target audiences.

The most extreme sports branches…

Being played in the USA, ultimate tazer ball is among the most interesting extreme sports branches. Ultimate tazer ball, played on a soft field as big as an indoor soccer field, is a combination of the American football and the classic soccer. It is played with a ball much larger than a soccer ball, 65 cm in diameter. Players follow the ball by hand. What makes it different is that each player has a stun gun. The target is to stun the rival team’s player to get the ball from his hands and score.

Another interesting sports branch is chess boxing. Chess boxing that basically combines boxing, a physical sport, and chess, a cerebral board game, is founded by Iepe Rubingh. 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing are played during game time. The game begins with a round of chess and continues with a round of boxing. Each round of chess is 4 minutes and each round of boxing is 3 minutes. The players are given 1 minute break between the rounds to change. Each player also has 12 minutes in total to make their moves in the chess rounds. The player, who is checkmated or whose time expired in chess, and the player, who is knocked out or who is announced defeated by the referee in boxing, or the player, who quits either chess or boxing, loses the game.

Soccer and dancing together

Next in line is bossaball, which has been played around the world since 2004. This sports branch is a hybrid of soccer, volleyball, and dancing. Samba and sometimes capoeira! It is very entertaining to watch. The founder of this game, which came out in Spain, is Filip Eyckmans. Eyckmans wanted to create a sports branch where soccer, volleyball and dancing could be combined and named it bossaball. This sports branch became popular around the world in short time. The teams consisting of 4 or 5 players try to having the ball fall into their side of the field on both sides of the net via the rules based on volleyball. There is a huge addition though: A trampoline! Offense unit of each team plays the game on a trampoline. He sends the ball served to the opposing team by hand or foot. Meanwhile, the players of the opposing team have to pass the ball to their rival’s side of the field after using 5 passes the most. Players have the right to a single shot by hand and double shots by foot. How do they score? There is an area called ‘bossawall’ marking the borders of the trampoline. The attacking team loses the score and the ball if their ball falls into this area which does not belong to either team. 1 or 3 points are earned depending on the area where the ball falls for the balls served by hand; 3 or 5 points are earned for the balls served by foot.

Mountain juggling via unicycle: MUni

Another exciting sports branch which is under the radar of extreme sports enthusiasts is mountain unicycling. Called MUni in short, this sports branch is the new favorite of mountaineers, allowing them to experience new adventures through technical climbs on gravel and earth roads and drop-offs, acrobatic moves, and rough terrain journeys. MUni requires  a balanced build and strong concentration. In other words, the strong harmony of mind and body is very important. Kris Holm, who is among the initiators of this sports branch, is known by his ability to ride a unicycle even under the best off-road conditions. Kris Holm, who had excellent rides by his unicycle in many rough terrains, especially the Great Wall of China, had climbed down from the summit of the highest mountain in Central America, from the summit of the third highest mountain in North America, and from 5,950-meter Licancabur Volcano by his unicycle in Bolivia in 2006. Another extreme sportsman, Lutz Eichholz, broke the Guinness World Record for six times on his unicycle by climbing down Demavend Mountain of 5,600 meters in Iran.