Falkirk and The Kelpies

Falkirk and The Kelpies

The 30-meter-high equine-head sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland, fascinate those who see them. The sculptures are home to different light art and projection performances.

The Kelpies, made in 2013 and opened in 2014, are the water nymphs in the Scottish mythology and they represent the harsh nature of Scotland, known as the “Highlands”. The mystical fairies with the power of 10 horses according to mythology are symbolized today with these two sculptures. Each of the steel galvanized plates that form the Kelpies built under the leadership of Andy Scott is 3 meters long. Metal plates weigh about 600 tons in total.

Experts emphasize the good industrial aesthetics of the upward-rising equine-heads, where the manes are shaped with the overlapping steel plates in geometric forms.

To capture the most beautiful appearance of the sculptures, perhaps you should prefer dark hours. Interior and exterior illumination makes them visible and completes the body. Combining blue and red, this magnificent illumination adds realism to the sculptures.

In addition, the reflection of the sculptures on the surrounding water creates a three dimensional appearance when it is mixed with the illuminated waves on steel surfaces.