Atölye On2 designs customized lighting groups by adding a different dimension to MDF plates and wooden textures. Duygu Uraler and Kamuran Kara are inspired by fantastic heroes such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman, and Batman, as well as comic book logos and emblems, giving life to original lighting objects. The duo draws attention with innovative designs ranging from wall-mounted shelves to lamps in different sizes, as well as desktop LED and wall-mounted LED lighting products.

They meet the different expectations of their target mass
Duygu Uraler and Kamuran Kara, who established Atölye On2 in December 2016, aim to carry this work, which they started as a hobby, to a different process in the future. Kamuran Kara, a graduate of a vocational high school, has worked in construction and architecture offices. He is currently working at a construction office that provides subway infrastructure services. Duygu Uraler, who is a graduate of Uludağ University Vocational High School Restoration Department, is working as a graphic artist. The duo, who met four years ago, decided to establish Atölye On2 by combining their friendship as well as their talents. Although they are currently active in business, they do not have a workshop at the moment, but they come together on the weekends and prepare the orders from Atölye On2 with great care. Duygu Uraler, who mentioned that they have a scroll saw to form wooden products, said, “We can give all the shapes we want to wooden forms through the scroll saw. Thus, we can meet different expectations of our target clients. Mostly we use MDF. Because cutting, painting and applying MDF gives much more efficient results. We can design many objects from cup-wall shelves to different lighting groups.”

Their product range is extremely wide
Kamuran Kara, indicating that they are much busier on special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, said: “Most people now focus on original gift designs for special occasions. For this reason, custom designs are much more popular than ever. At the moment, we are working on a special shelf project in the shape of a house. The prices of our designs vary from 40 to 300 TL.” Uraler and Kara explain their technique: “When an order arrives, we first prepare the dimension of the desired design and prepare it for the drawing process. Then the process of shaping the wood begins. After the wood cutting process, we go through the sanding process. This is followed by painting and the installation of the lighting system. We finish a lighting object in 2-3 days on average. Our most popular product group is Harry Potter wall lamp. We have different designs like wall-desktop LED lighting products and wall panels. Our most important difference is that we fulfill the dreams of our target clients. Our product range is very wide.”

Metal designs will also become to prominence
Kamuran Kara and Duygu Uraler, who stated that they plan to come forward with different product groups in 2018, give the following information about these projects: “We are working on the light table concept which is one of our new product groups. Our lamps, night and wall lighting accessories grab great interest. We will soon add lighting to the original painting designs that we have prepared with spray paint. We will focus on metal designs as well as wood. We have advanced in a different way with our designs. Our target group is predominantly between 20 and 40 years of age. In 2018, we plan to open a workshop with a showroom. We are very happy that different projects come. The creative desires of our target clients lead us to a different design process. We are very pleased that the Harry Potter lamps have been of interest. We do not provide personal service only. We also serve different institutions. We always stay away from the clichés and design innovative and decorative product groups that will bring our creativity to the forefront. We send our products to many different points of Turkey.”