One of the values that are recently on the rise in Turkey is the collaborations of brands and fashion. The brands that operate in automotive, food, and real estate sectors move forward with the support of the power of design. The artistic touches in the designs of famous names create striking effects in brand positioning. We had a close look at the synergy between brands and fashion with the assistance of comments from the senior behavioral specialist of a new generation, research and strategic consulting firm FutureBright, Nihan Temiz and their fashion editor.

Did some brands, which have developed marketing strategies as if they were one of the well-known fashion brands although they were not a fashion brand at all, start grabbing your attention while watching TV, reading a magazine or surfing on the social media? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you are at the right address. Let’s exemplify the subject! For instance, the beverage giant Coca-Cola… Coca-Cola bottles take on a new look time to time thanks to the special creations of world-renown designers. FutureBright Senior Behavioral Specialist Nihan Temiz gives different examples of the brands, which operate in sectors such as automotive, beverage or glass design, collaborating with fashion: “When brand and fashion collaborate they incline towards the products and services signed by the famous artists or new talents. Coca-Cola has worked on different occasions with famous names such as Manolo Blahnik, Jonathan Saunders, Matthew Williamson, and Patricia Field. One of the prominent groups of the world in house hold glassware sector the Şişecam Group has brought a new impulse to the sector with its first global design brand called Nude created by the well-known designers from Turkey and around the world. The Şişecam appeals to its customers with the collections consisted of the special designs from the world-renown names such as Ron Arad, Rony Plesl, and Alev Ebüzziya.” 

Temiz remarks that Uludağ Premium is one of the best examples of the cooperation between brand and fashion. The product was launched in the bottles designed by the siblings Ece Ege and Ayşe Ege who also created the world-renown Dice Kayek brand. The comments of İstanbul’Entourage Fashion Brand Creative Agency Founding Partner and Fashion Editor Serhat Şengül and Style Advisor Hande Can Yüce present a different road map to the entrepreneurs who would like to operate in this field. Temiz gives recommendations to the brands that desire to succeed in this field: “The brands, especially the ones apart from the fashion sector, interact with the fashion brands when they decide to reach the large masses and show them their new face. As FutureBright, we measure the fashion value of a brand and decipher their potential areas unique to their targeted customers using the models that we have developed. The brands that want to succeed in this field must line up followers by getting together with the right names. Appropriate the large events. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a great example to show how to appropriate fashion. Take your place in blogging. Don’t forget that the designing spirit come from the streets. Have your clients navigate your brand on the streets. Develop strategies in the direction of becoming prominent in media with the PR operations.”

The collaboration of Goodyear, one of the leading brands of the automotive industry, with Pull&Bear is a fine example of the fashion synergy in different sectors. Under the Goodyear and IMG Licensing cooperation, Goodyear vintage t-shirt and sweatshirt collections have gone on sale at Pull&Bear retail stores in 62 countries and on their e-commerce website. Goodyear Vintage fashion program has developed a quite popular range of leisurewear including vintage jeans, jackets, shirts, and footwear. In addition, sunglasses, luggage, back to school bags and sporting goods are included in the collection. Goodyear Director of Licensed Products Nancy Ray said, “We are committed to broadening the universal appeal of the Goodyear brand, and to be reaching the Pull&Bear target market of young adults is therefore very important to us, especially on such a global scale.” Fabrice Faurie, Vice President of IMG Licensing, remarks that they are pleased that Pull&Bear are selling the Goodyear licensed clothing and says, “This is an exciting development in the ongoing development of Goodyear into a globally recognizable lifestyle brand of choice.”

Style Advisor Hande Can Yüce indicates that the consumers are in search of change, the trends are shifting, the consumption rate is higher than it used to be, the social media is becoming the new medium and such events are causing the collaborations between the brands and designers to boom. Yüce says that the brands that operate in different fields have started to work on fashion oriented projects and adds, “The curiosity of the new generation in fashion and the entry of the street fashion among the rapidly increasing trends have forced the fashion houses and the corporate brands to cooperate. That is why the brands that are not related to fashion closely are trying to reach different target masses by signing deals with the world-renown designers, the celebrities and the phenomenons of the social media. The sectors such as food, telecommunications, and automotive have come to a state of being envious of the connection between textile and fashion. For instance, Coca-Cola hired the world famous designers to design new bottles as a ‘special edition’ and then presented the limited number of designer bottles to the market inviting many fashionistas to start collecting. When a bottle of Coca-Cola was priced at $1.50 regularly, it succeeded to find buyers at $150 on the black-market. In this case, the identity, mass, and popularity of the designer in the sector play an important role.”

İstanbul’Entourage Fashion Brand Creative Agency Founding Partner and Fashion Editor Serhat Şengül points out that the concept of fashion is the right platform not only for the fashion and textile brands but also in order to reach the consumers of the sectors such as cosmetics, technology, automotive, and tourism. He comments, “It is not a coincidence that a worldwide known automobile brand sponsors fashion weeks and cares for fashion editors to drive its vehicles. The competition is high and when everyone desires to take place in the sparkling world the ones with the most creative ideas win. At this point, the creative teams of the brands and the agencies carry greater responsibilities. A supermarket brand creating videos in cooperation with a fashion designer/blogger that is well known with diet recipes is a good example. A tile or automobile brand sponsoring fashion shoots for fashion magazines; therefore, touching their followers with the story of the shoots and their products inspiring the combinations created is another good instance. The brands that cooperate with fashion need to be careful about three things: first one is that they need to choose the right platform to communicate. The second step is to select the correct project. The last one is to reach the consumers on the right frequency.”