Films Showing Now/April 2019

Films Showing Now/April 2019


OPENING DATE: April 5, 2019

DIRECTOR: Doğa Can Anafarta

SCENARIO: Evren Erdoğan, Ayşe Balıbey

GENRE: Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Unforgettable novel by Rıfat Ilgaz, Hababam Sınıfı is once again on the silver screen. In this spin-off, new characters, a new generation, and a new narration are dominant. When the Private Çamlıca High School goes coed once again, a sweet competition begins between the girls and boys. The female students who stay at the dorm and the school’s usual bullies challenge each other at the beginning but later on they become allies and embark on many adventures together.



OPENING DATE: April 12, 2019

DIRECTOR: Nihat Durak

SCENARIO: Filiz Üstün Durak

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

SYNOPSIS: Yakup and Şemsa is an Assyrian family that lives in Berlin with their three children and grandchildren.They migrated to Berlin from Madrid 25 years ago. On a happy day of their new life, a phone call comes from Mardin. It is related with their late son Mikhael. Yakup and Şemsa travel back to Mardin accompanied by their grandchild Nardin, who did not want to send them alone. This will also be the beginning of their individual journeys.

Shazam! / Adventure, Fantastic, Action, 3D, IMAX/05

Benden Hikâyesi/ Documentary, Biography/05

Hellboy/ Adventure, Fantastic, Action/12

Destroyer/Drama, Crime, Action/19

The Queen’s Corgi/Animation/26