Films Showing Now / January 2019

Films Showing Now / January 2019


OPENING DATE: January 18, 2019

DIRECTOR: Serdar Akar

CAST: Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Sarp Leventoğlu, Mustafa Üstündağ

GENRE: Biography, Crime, History

SYNOPSIS: Elyesa Bazna works as a butler at the British Embassy during the World War II. Bazna, who is easily able to access to secret information within the Embassy, begins spying for the Germans after a while and takes the code name “Çiçero“. Çiçero changes the fate of the war; however, he cannot prevent the massacres against the disabled in the course of the war.



OPENING DATE: January 11, 2019

DIRECTOR: Jeffrey Nachmanoff

CAST: Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve, Emily Alyn Lind

GENRE: Drama, Science Fiction

SYNOPSIS: Keanu Reeves is a brilliant scientist who lost his wife and children traumatically. In the movie, we will watch the attempts of Will Foster (Reeves), working to transfer human consciousness to computers and studying human cloning, to bring back her family.

Remi Nobody’s Boy / Drama / 04

Robin Hood: Origins  / Adventure / 11

Burning / Action, Thriller / 11

Karakomik Filmler: Kaçamak / Comedy / 18

Aslı Gibidir / Comedy / 25