Chairman of the Board of Ünal Construction Ahmet Ünal is one of the executives who gets rid of stress by dealing with hobbies and being with their children. He especially allocates time to spend with his family. He has four children and has different types of hobbies such as skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, scuba diving, and Muay-Thai. He visits the Alkuzu Farm for horseback riding in Kemerburgaz. He prefers to go there as much as his schedule allows him, usually 2-3 times a month. He skis at Uludağ, Kartalkaya, and Palandöken in winters. He enjoys scuba diving in Fethiye, Çanakkale, Ayvalık, Bodrum, and Saroz in summers.

Chairman of the Board of Ünal Construction Ahmet Ünal goes to snowboarding and skiing with his sons Alparslan, Tuğrul, and Gökalp in winters. He remarks that they spend more quality of time thanks to the love of sports ingrained in their minds. They go to diving in the Aegean or the Mediterannean in summers. Ünal says that with the arrival of summer they go to their farm in Gökçeada as a family and take care of their horses Sultan and Paşa. He says that they raise many farm animals such as lambs, chickens, and horses at the farm. The family members share the chores at the farm. Ünal said, “Gökçeada is where my family can relax. Our motto in there is freedom and nature. Planting vegetables and fruits are one of the general responsibilities of our family members. Everyone has been assigned with tasks. Each of us concentrates on growing and developing the area of which we are in charge. The care and responsibility of the horses and other animals are shared between us the same way. ATV rides are one the activities that we do often to discover the surroundings and to be socialized. Poppies might have blossomed by now. We cleanse our souls with the fragrances of flowers and thymes there.”

Horseback rides regularly
One of the most favorite hobbies of Ünal is horseback riding. His beautiful little daughter Elif loves horses as much as his father does. Ünal highlights that this hobby has turned into a passion and he believes that he has established a special bond with the horses. He has been riding horses for 9 years. Ünal emphasized that it was a team job. He said, “There must be a strong connection between the rider and the horse. You should understand and feel the horse and make the horse feel that you care. By establishing a bond this way is definitely going to win you success faster.” He is one of the patrons of the Alkuzu Farm in Kemerburgaz. Especially when the weather is nice, he goes to the Alkuzu Farm for horseback riding. Ünal has inspired his hobby in his children, too. He says that if the weather is nice they visit the farm every weekend until schools are closed and this became a habit. They start the day with an energizing breakfast and then they ride horses as a family. Ünal remarked that he has developed an interest in defense sports recently, especially to Taibox. He has been taking Muay-Thai lessons from the famous Taibox trainer Ara Karanfil. Regardless of how busy he is he strictly attends the lessons three times a week. He says that he owes his fitness to doing sports regularly.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem
Ahmet Ünal mentions that being successful at work and at life keeps getting harder. He said, “The road to success keeps getting tougher to move forward nowadays. I am talking about a road with thorns, which small problems produce big results. The secret to success both at work and at life is being patient, showing empathy, and being a part of the solution not the problem. We should not forget that even at the most hopeless moments there might always be a solution. Therefore, we should never give up trying. The things that make me angry the most in business are the unkept promises and wasting time. That’s why I select my team carefully. If you don’t have a good team you cannot be successful. A leader is as good as his team. In the construction sector, we develop projects with the aim of creating living spaces inspired from İstanbul, which has history and texture, for our targeted customers where they would feel themselves happy and free.”