The features of foldable phones that will be launched by brands such as Samsung, Rouyu Flexipai, LG and Huawei for the first time in the world market are as follows:


The Samsung Galaxy Fold, one of the most prominent models in the field, is expected to be introduced at the launch of the Galaxy S10 on February 20 and is expected to enter the US and European markets towards the end of 2019. 

Infinity Flex Display is the first foldable hybrid device that transforms the company’s phone into a tablet. The Infinity Flex displays consist of multiple components, including a flexible back panel as well as a flexible layer beneath the surface, a resilient shock-absorbing film that can be folded over and over again and a cover window.

The revolutionary phone can be used as a 7.3-inch tablet when not folded and as a 4.58-inch smartphone when folded. The foldable phone weighs 200 grams. 

When the folding device is unfolded, the application experience switches from the small screen to the larger screen. In addition, users can browse the web, watch videos and do more than one event at the same time by using three applications at the same time.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is equipped with two displays of 7.3 inches and 4.6 inches. The built-in 7.3-inch main foldable display in the model offers a resolution of 1536×2152 pixels and a 420 ppi value. It is known that the 4.6-inch 21:9 screen has a resolution of 840×1960 pixels and a ppi value of 420. 

The triple camera system is on the rear side of the phone. In addition, according to the latest information on the phone, there are two built-in 3,100 mAh batteries. Thanks to these batteries to be positioned on both sides, the model is built on a total of 6,200 mAh batteries.


Other brands continue to work on foldable smartphones. The Rouyu brand, which carries out its activities in this field, introduced the Rouyu FlexiPai, the first foldable smartphone at an event. 

The 7.6-mm thick 7.8-inch AMOLED screen is about 4 inches when folded. The FlexiPai is not the first smartphone with only a folding and flexible display. The device will also be the first device to be powered by the Snapdragon 8150 processor, which has not yet been introduced.

The Rouyu FlexiPai is equipped with a 16 Megapixel + 20 megapixel dual camera system with 6GB RAM +128 GB storage, 8GB RAM + 256 GB storage and 8GB RAM + 512 GB storage options. With its special charging technology, the battery charge percentage of the phone can increase from 0 to 80% in 1 hour. The phone is using a special joint structure for folding movement. In the model, there is an operating system called Water OS and the joint used is said to be durable up to 200 thousand folds.

Rouyu FlexiPai, the first foldable smartphone, is said to have a starting price of $1,300.


Huawei is also currently working on a fully functional foldable smartphone with a flexible display.

Huawei official Ken Hu, who said they will use the foldable screen for the first time in this model, is actually confusing everyone here. The brand’s foldable smartphone model will be released in the middle of 2019, the new model will be powered by the 7 nm Kirin 980 processor. The screen, which is 5-inch wide when folded and 8-inch wide when unfolded, will be able to deliver a serious advantage over Samsung thanks to this feature.


Phones with foldable screens are on the agenda of the technology giant LG. In this context, devices such as Nintendo’s Foldable Game Boy Advance are under examination.

The South Korean technology giant is now addressing the concept of the foldable phone in two different ways. One is ZTE’s Axon M model, which is folded out and replaces the two-joint screen with a single folding module, while the other is Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance (GBA).

Both designs have curved screens and users can see the notifications and manage the device even though the screen is folded thanks to these curves.