For a Quiet Life

For a Quiet Life

The intertwining of business and private lives makes the time management inevitably difficult for many people.

Stress, time spent in traffic, meetings, and then days turn into evenings and we may have to end the day without a bit of time left for ourselves. From this point, we searched three different sports branches that appeal to people who want to relax their body and reward themselves. With BarreFit, floating, and forest bathing, you can relieve your stress and start the new week much more vigorous.

A combination of 3 sports branches: BarreFit

Ballet, Pilates, and yoga… The BarreFit movement, which stands out as a combination of these three branches, is rapidly spreading around the world. We can even say that BarreFit, which improves metabolic rate, flexibility, and strength, is slowly setting its eyes on the throne of Pilates. We will have a tiny warning to those who will attend the first BarreFit course. Your first observation may be asking “Am I in the ballet class?” because BarreFit is indeed an excellent mix of ballet, yoga and Pilates disciplines. BarreFit, which is designed with programs where movements are repeated at frequent intervals and based on body shaping, not only causes weight loss but also improves muscle strength and flexibility and helps to reduce stress. As you participate in the BarreFit exercises, you will soon see that your hips and legs are shaped and tightened. It is also worth mentioning that in a short period of time, rhythmic movements and exercises that stretch the body burn calories very fast. The target audience of BarreFit, which has reached a significant audience in Europe and the USA, is those who want to have a much more conditioned body in a short period of time. Moreover, with the influence of Pilates and yoga, BarreFit enthusiasts have a calmer mind.

Sport and therapy together with floating

If you’re tired of your usual sporting activities, we have a suggestion for you. How does it sound to get rid of stress, traffic, and busy digital traffic of business life even for a short time and to swim in waters enriched with healthy minerals? If this offer sounds good, it’s time to meet the floating theme… In floating tanks, usually designed with high domes, you can adjust the light and music to your liking. You can even meditate in the water thanks to the voice prompts that guide you. Water, which has a temperature close to the body temperature, is thus less noticeable and gives you the feeling that you are floating in space. Floating as an alternative to traditional meditation makes it easier to cope with problems such as anxiety, stress and eating disorders. Many people who want to get rid of the intense stress of business life and the tides of daily life get in the floating tanks in no time flat. Being in water both activates all muscles of the body and destroys the negative energies accumulated in the body. In other words, many people who bring floating to their lives become part of an experience where sports and therapy are intertwined.

How about forest bathing?

If it’s more important for you to have a peaceful experience than muscle-working sports, you can take a look at the world-wide forest bathing trend from Japan. This exercise, which can be ranked first in your to-do list, is not really about taking a bath. Forest bathing is the translation of the concept of ‘shinrin-yoku’, introduced by the Japanese government in 1982, which aims to make forests attractive to the urban population… The aim is to spend time in the forest and breathe in the fresh air. Forest bathing has positive effects on stress. For example, it reduces the level of blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones. When the person feels relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. While the brain’s organizational, planning and problem-solving parts begin to work slowly, the center of pleasure and empathy becomes active. The forest bathing allows us to re-establish a connection with our own nature. In order to take advantage of the healing power of nature, it stimulates grounding and the urge to connect with the ground. The fact that the forest bathing offers oxygen-rich breathing is also an important advantage.