There are many new sports branches inspired by different sports. For example, disc golf, played with round discs, is a different version of golf. For the disc golf that has become popular in recent years, there are more than 3 thousand official courses in America. Netball is a combination of basketball, handball, and korfball. Another interesting sport that is played with the ball is hemsball. Hemsball requires balance and concentration and can be played in different fields.

The popularity of disc golf is increasing rapidly

Disc golf, which is played according to the rules of golf and which has recently increased its popularity rapidly, is at the top of the popular sports list. Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, has been played since 1969. There are over 3 thousand official courses for disc golf in America. Unlike regular golf, round discs are supposed to reach targets such as baskets or poles. With the goal of taking minimum number of shots to complete the course, disc golf tournaments are organized around the world participated by both professionals and amateurs. It is interesting that the hole in the game is a raised basket of metal. The aim of the game is to complete the course with a minimum number of shots. So at the end of the game the player with the minimum score wins. The starting shot is taken from behind a certain line in the desired order. The breach of the borderline becomes a penalty point. The person who throws the most distant disk to the hole gets the priority for all shots after the starting shot. During these shots, the player’s foot must be where the disc fell in the previous shot. Touching someone else’s disk or a placeholder that can be put where the disc fell creates a penalty. Shots that hit the civilians or animals in the area you are playing takes off your points.

A combination of 3 sports

Netball is more preferred by women in the world; It stands out as a combination of basketball, handball, and korfball. This sport also draws attention to its unique history. Martina Osterberg, the founder of Madame Osterberg College, is the person who had played a part in the development of this sport, where you aim to score by jumping to a hoop with a net. In 1895, she introduced netball, a version of basketball, to schoolgirls. At first, the students played this sport with no specific rules and a name, simply by throwing the ball into the hoop.  By means of the American academician, among the college teachers, Dr. Toles’ introduction of basketball to his students and another American teacher Porter’s introduction of women’s basketball rules, the rules of this sport were well formed. With the definition of the rules, the first official competitions were held in the form of tournaments between the college classes. Netball has increased its popularity especially in Australia and New Zealand, following the UK. In 1960, the International Federation of Netball Associations (INFA) was established. As for the rules of the game, there are areas where each player is responsible for the field placement. Holding the ball for more than 3 seconds is against the rules. The secret of a successful conclusion lies behind swift passes. The game consists of 4 periods of 15 minutes and each team has 7 players.

Can be played both indoors and outdoors

Hemsball is one of the fun sports that people of all ages can play easily. What makes this sport different is that it is easy to play in both indoor and outdoor areas. It is necessary to underline that hemsball is a sport that requires balance and concentration. It is necessary to have excellent hand-eye-foot coordination, high focus and concentration to hold the ball and serve. The initials of the sports branch clearly reflect the whole strategy of the game: h (hand), e (energy), m (move) and s (stability). The goal of the game is to throw the ball into the hemsball circle located on the target board without the ball touching the edge and having the ball touch the rival team players’ side of the field and to prevent the rival team players reaching the same goal. As for how the game starts, players are given 5 minutes to warm up. At the end of this time, the game starts with a coin toss. Each player enters his/her own field. Which player will use the starting shot (service) first is determined by the coin toss. The player, who loses the toss, starts with the service shot. 3 sets of 12 points are played. The ball must necessarily pass the 4 cm field line and the 4×35 cm strip in front of the players after hitting inside the circle.