Paragliding is quickly advancing in Turkey. The most important reason is that our country has spots very suitable for flying… Some of our provinces which host a very suitable atmosphere for paragliding such as Ölüdeniz, Antalya-Kaş, Denizli, Isparta, Erzincan, Eskişehir, Erzurum, İzmir, Bolu and Akşehir are considered to be not only the best in Turkey, but some of the best paragliding spots in the world.

It became popular in Turkey during the 1990s
If you are looking for new excitements that will add adrenaline to your life then you should absolutely try paragliding. Private pilots, who enjoyed flying during the late 1970s, got into the search of an aerial vehicle, which had a stable but light structure that was more flexible and light. A few aviators who were leading in this field started trying to fly parachutes down slopes. The extremely high tension created by the opening shock at the speed limit did not appear during the slower and softer slope take-offs. And after this was noticed, larger parachutes were made with different materials thinking that it could help with this problem.

University clubs made it more popular
Some producers that took advantage of this data started the production of wider parachutes made with cloths that had no air permeability. In short time, a new sports branch called ‘paragliding’ was born as the combination of cheapness and simplicity with the latest technology. During the 1980s paragliders started regularly taking off from peaks and hills. Colorful wings started being visible on top of all the continents. Flights were carried out from Fuji Mountain in Japan and from the peak of Everest Mountain located in the Himalayas. Paragliding was recognized in Turkey during the 1990s when foreign pilots discovered the Babadağı area located in the Ölüdeniz region of Fethiye and was first actively started by university clubs.  

The learning process is fast
Today, Ölüdeniz Babadağ is accepted as one of the world’s most important flight areas and hosts hundreds of foreign pilots every year. There are more than two thousand pilots in Turkey who are enjoying this sport and this number increases every day. One of the most important reasons of paragliding being this popular is that its learning process is much faster and easier than other aerial vehicles. An interesting fact is that more than 40 university clubs in Turkey teach paragliding. In addition, a number of associations and courses teach this sport.

First theoretical training is given
It should not be forgotten that the training given play a big role in pilot errors and their consequences. The training must be given by trustworthy trainers and with safe materials. Paragliding training first begins with theoretical training. During the theoretical training, information about the materials, aerodynamics, flight techniques and macro & micrometeorology is given. After theoretical training students start ground training. Ground training takes about 1-3 days depending on the status of students. Students who finish ground training, first begin with about 20-30 flights over the 30-40 meter high hills. Students who complete the beginner training are now ready for high altitude education. Beginner training takes about 5-10 days if all conditions are appropriate.

The most popular paragliding routes
Babadağ/Fethiye:  Babadağ, which looks at Fethiye Ölüdeniz from above, hosts sportsman from all around the world. You have to descend 969 meters to reach Ölüdeniz. From this height, you can see Patara Beach, Dalaman, and even Rodos.
Çökelez Mountain/Denizli: Çökelez Mountain is located 30 km away from Denizli’s center. The takeoff location is 1650 meters high. Southern and western winds are dominant in the area. You can easily see Denizli’c center, Sarayköy, Buldan, Honaz districts, and the organized industrial zone.
Nemrut Mountain/Adıyaman: Nemrut Mountain is 2200 meters high. Suitable for amateur and professional paragliders. To this day, most flights were done with the purpose of entertainment. Mostly southern and northern winds are dominant in this region.
Munzur Mountains/Erzincan: Munzur Mountains in the Ergan region is located 7 km away from Erzincan. The height is 3250 meters. Suitable for sportsman of any level. Flights are organized from 3250 meters.
Alidağ/Kayseri: Alidağ is within the borders of Kayseri’s Talas district. It’s located 6 km away from the town. It has a height of 1750 meters. It is suitable for professional and semi-professional paragliders.
İnönü Hill C/ Eskişehir: The Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) Inönü Training Center Hill C is located 36 km away from the Eskişehir Town Center. Its height is 230 meters. Beginner training is given at 130-meter high Yerli Hill which is right next to Hill C.