Compared to İstanbul and mentioned as ‘Tuğra Bozan’ in Evliya Çelebi’s travel book, 4000 year-old ancient city Trabzon takes place at the top of the ‘places to see’ list with its colorful city life, lush forests, sea, history, rich cultural heritage and ruins, and unique cuisine.

Chasing history
You can start the sightseeing from Trabzon Museum. The sculptures, items, and jewelry of the Hellenistic Period are displayed at the ground level of the museum. Even the visitors who are not big fans of history would find the objects interesting. In addition, it is worth seeing the documents, clothes, swords, and accessories of the period that are located upstairs. It is pleasing to walk around the museum that has an enchanting atmosphere, if you don’t run into a large group of tourists.

Atatürk Mansion that is located on the hills of the city attracts thousands of visitors every year. The mansion has a peaceful location. It is decorated with simple but elegant furniture and chandeliers that reflect the grace of the period. The clock that had stopped at 9:05 a.m. has the visitors experience emotional moments. After leaving the mansion, you might want to see the mosaics and murals at approximately 800 year-old Ayasofya, which was built as a monastery but now being used as a mosque.

Trabzon Fortress is among the historical structures that were able to reach our time in good condition. The fortress consists of three forts as Upper Fort, Middle Fort, and Inner Fort. You should see Yavuz Sultan Selim’s statue and ‘Kanuni House’, which is where Kanuni Sultan Süleyman was born and lived until he reached the age of 15. They are both located at Middle Fort that surrounds the fortress. 

Colorful merchant city
After leaving the dense energies of historical places behind, it is necessary to be carried away with the lively energies of the streets in a colorful city such as Trabzon. You can walk down the vivacious streets of the city center to arrive in Bakırcılar Çarşısı (Copper Bazaar) and observe the masters of copper at work; see their copper works from pots to coffee cups. Your eyes are going to catch the lively crowd of the streets and shops immediately. It is not surprising to know that Horon (folk dance) is from Trabzon. Shopping in Trabzon, its locals and its unique music move at a fast pace.

The most delicious flavors are in here
Many bakeries are going to draw your attention along the ‘Uzun Sokak’ (Long Street), which is closed to traffic. Don’t return before eating Laz Börek (pastry), tasting the famous halvah and ice cream of Beton Helva, drinking slightly fermented grape juice called şıra. Climbing to Boztepe, which is where the people of Trabzon love to spend time, and ordering a samovar of tea are among the rituals of the visitors.

Routs that are out of the city
Çaykara road, which goes through the tea fields and lush landscapes that takes you to a fantastic world, has an unforgettable, extraordinary beauty. Uzungöl (Long Lake) awaits you at the end of the road with its matchless color. It is surrounded with forests and leaves a great impression on anyone who sees it. If you would like to see this fantastic beauty during summer months, you need to find yourself a quiet spot because of the increased number of visitors. Although, the pollution of the lake and the random housing around it are worrying, the atmosphere of the mountains, forests, and the lake is enchanting.

Çamburnu where matchless pine forests meet the sea is a spot that you should stop to take a break on the way back from Uzungöl. Let a cup of tea accompany you while breathing in the beautiful landscape.

Akçaabat is a district within close distance to the city center. It can be visited to taste the famous meatballs, photograph Orta Mahalle houses, walk down the alleys, and see the restored homes that some of them were turned into boutique hotels. The landscapes of the streets and neighborhoods that are located on the hillside are as fantastic as Boztepe’s.

Impressive Sümela Monastery
Sümela Monastery that looks as if it is embedded into a sharp slope comes to mind first when someone mentions Trabzon. The monastery that was built in 375 is one of the most visited locations. Although, the harm given to the murals of the monastery cannot be ignored, the place will always be impressive with its mysterious look among the fog, its divine atmosphere, and its beauty.

Taste stop
Visit the fishmonger’s booths at the city center.

Taste stop
Don’t return before tasting Trabzon pita and Akçaabat meatballs.

Taste stop
Try a legendary Trabzon breakfast that includes mıhlama (a dish made with cornmeal, cheese, and butter), hamsikuşu (fried anchovies), and sautéed green bean pickles.

Taste stop
Hamsiköy (a village) rice pudding, which is made with milk from Hamsiköy, is among the special flavors of Trabzon.

Photo spot
You can take great shots of Akçaabat Orta Mahalle Houses.