French Style in Decoration

French Style in Decoration

In a world where technology enables us to quickly consume many things, we all have a common desire to go beyond time, to last forever.

In terms of decoration, the common expectation of many of us is to have a decoration that never goes out of fashion and contains some modern lines. The question of “Is this possible?” comes to mind at this point. Yes, it is possible.  Grapes, and flower prints used on upholstery, rooms decorated with metallic objects, and velvet fabrics used in French style decoration create a feeling of timelessness. Let us examine this timeless style closely together…


Everything you’re looking for in decoration from elegant designs created with classic lines to color harmony and comfort is in French style decoration… That’s why you can have your dream home with the objects that reflect the elegance and poshness of French style decoration. The color harmony, comfort, simplicity, and elegance come to the fore in this decoration style.


In French style decoration, we often see patterned fabrics. But these patterned fabrics move in harmony and do not cause any disorderly appearance in the room. With velvet fabric upholstered chairs and patterned curtains, it is easier than you think to find harmony in this decoration that reminds a cottage in a coastal town.


White walls with engravings, stylish bookcases, traditional carpets and fresh flowers are always present in this style. No matter how lively the rooms are, white walls can be shown among the musts of French decorations. You can animate your white walls with elegant bookcases.


Silver and blue color palettes are often seen in French decoration. Chandeliers can be a striking feature in a French-style furnished room with engraved furniture and the use of patterned fabrics.


Stone walls, which take place among the important elements of decoration in recent years, always manage to create an impressive appearance. You can complete your stone walls with different lighting designs and you can choose a simple rug for the floor. We also advise you not to forget to include mirrors and flowers in this type of decoration style.


You can use floral motifs and colorful fabrics, which add color to the French style, in your decoration. If you are a person who is afraid of taking risks, you can use them on your pillows in combination with your sofas. So you’ll have a chance to change them easily when you get bored.