From a Hobbyist to A Collector

From a Hobbyist to A Collector

You don’t have to enjoy a hobby like fishing, playing tennis, taking photos, or painting that is art or sports oriented. You can absolutely care for your garden, cook, or clean. Or the objects you have been collecting since your childhood as a hobby might turn into a massive collection, making you a collector.

Just like Dave Hitchens’ action toys, Sherry Groom’s troll dolls, Janet Esteves’ Mickey Mouse toys, Robyn Amato’s Raggedy Ann dolls or Michael Zarnock’s toy cars… There are even some hobbyists who went far beyond our imaginations by collecting things like bee hives or by trying to develop strategies on growing the world’s largest onion.

From plastic action toys to troll dolls

There are millions of people around the world with numerous hobbies. We follow their hobbies sometimes with admiration and sometimes with fright. Moreover, we find ourselves amazed most of the time as we receive information about those fascinating hobbies. Some hobbyists get help from a psychologist to quit their hobbies that turn into an obsession.

Dave Hitchens from New Jersey is among them… Hitchens is a complete toy addict. He owns over three thousand plastic action warrior figures and devotes hours to play with them every day and shoots a YouTube video for each of them. His plastic action figures have become something more of a hobby for Hitchens; they are now his addiction.

At this point, it is the right time to talk about Sherry Groom from Ohio; she is a toy collector just as Dave Hitchens is. Sherry Groom is someone who misses her childhood. Let’s highlight the fact that Groom has over three thousand five hundred troll dolls today! She has been collecting them ever since she was a little girl. The most spacious room in her house is occupied by her troll dolls with colorful hair. Groom allocates ample time for her cute dolls and their care.

Collectors who own thousands of toys

Next in line is Janet Esteves who has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the person who owned the most number of, over six thousand, special edition products and toys related to Mickey Mouse. Passionately in love with Mickey Mouse since her childhood, Esteves has collected numerous objects from t-shirts, dolls, and key chains to wall arts, pins, and candle holders.

Gaining popularity with her Raggedy Ann doll collection, 58-year-old Robyn Amato keeps expanding her collection of over three thousand five hundred dolls as days pass. What makes Amato unique is the fact that she magnificently dresses as Raggedy Ann this is how she goes out. Although people look at her as if she is from a different world every time they see her dresses as a doll, Amato is extremely happy to capture this type of attention and she never complains.

Toy cars are the supreme hobby of Michael Zarnock who lives in New York. Having been collecting toy cars from around the world since 1968, Zarnock has a collection of over ten thousand pieces and he is pretty ambitious about the topic.

Some even collect beehives

You can collect so many extraordinary staff. But think about it for a second, would you ever consider collecting beehives? The ultimate hobby of Terry Prouty, who lives in Oklahoma, has been bees ever since he was a little boy. Describing himself as a bee lover, Prouty has been enjoying his hobby passionately for so many years now. Prouty is proud of collecting over 100 beehives from around the world until today.

Another name that captures attention thanks to his unusual hobby is Jean-Francois Vernetti from Switzerland. Vernetti has been collecting the ‘do not disturb’ signs from the hotel rooms that he had stayed since 1985. This makes him the owner of a really fascinating collection. Having collected eleven thousand signs from 189 countries, Francois displays them in his house in an extremely decorative style.

Pete Glazebrook, who is from England, is highly enthusiastic about growing different plant species from seeds. Executing an unexpected step at this point, Glazebrook entered the Guinness Book of Records by growing the world’s heaviest onion. The onion grown by Glazebrook weighs 7.7 kilograms.