From Twilight to The Top: Kristen Stewart

From Twilight to The Top: Kristen Stewart

The young actress Kristen Stewart’s choice to become an actress as a child whose parents work in Hollywood has been a natural process.

Making her breakthrough with the Bella character in the Twilight series, Stewart has won 28 awards until today. As prestigious as to become a jury member in the Cannes Film Festival, Stewart gave us an interview about her career and lifestyle.

Where did you grow up?

I am from Southern California. I grew up in Los Angeles; it is a beautiful place.

Can we say that you were actually born to this sector?

Yes; my mother is a screenplay supervisor; my father is a producer; and my brother is a light technician. Movies and series have been the main subject of our chats at home since my childhood. It is not surprising that I am in this profession, too.

What was your first role?

I made theater at school when I was 9 years old, then I  got my first job as a professional on the Disney Channel in the series entitled The Thirteenth Year. I did not have any lines though. Later, I played parts in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and The Safety of Objects.

Does it bother you to change your appearance for the roles you get to play?

Yes, I do change my appearance or my hair to whatever the role requires to. Hair will grow again. It is not such a big deal; however, having an unforgettable impact on the audiences with the character is an amazing feeling to experience.

What would you tell us about your experience as a member of the jury in the 71st Cannes Film Festival?

I cannot tell that I am a huge movie-goer. It has been more like a school to me. Cinema has an international power of communication and it was a wonderful experience to observe this closer. I can tell that each French movie taught me something different.

What is your dream role?

Actually, my dream is to write a screenplay and sit on the director’s chair once again.

The Chronology of Water was based on a book and directed by you; what would you tell about that experience?

It was a great experience. Book adaptation is a time consuming job. Therefore, we had a busy work schedule to bring out the best screenplay. Sitting on the director’s chair is a whole different world. I loved directing. This time, I want to write the story and direct.

How was it working with Woody Allan in Cafe Society?

Wonderful. First, he called me for an audition, we met. He asked me not to rush and take my time. I got so excited to encounter with such a great director. To tell you the truth, he was the one who calmed me down. He called me the next day to tell me that I got the part. Sets were great. He is a hard-working director who knows what he wants. There is a lot to learn from him.

What was the effect of the Twilight series on you?

It was a breakthrough in my life. A vampire story could not be told more romantic than that. The box office success is not even open to arguments. It took the whole world by a storm. I am thankful that I played Bella in the series.

How was it to work with Jodie Foster at a young age?

I feel very luck about this. I got to work with a very significant actress.

What do you think of ‘being famous’ as a person who is famous around the world?

Fame is something ungrateful. I am famous today but I may not be remembered tomorrow. Knowing that the whole world knows you is a weird feeling.

You are criticized because you don’t always smile at cameras; what do you think?

I do not like being artificial, so if I do not want to smile when the paparazzi are shooting my photos, I do not smile. I get reactions for that but I rather acting realistic than being fake.

Do you like cooking?

I love it. I cook American style. I follow the healthy eating trend which has been popular lately. I try to prepare healthy meals.

Do you exercise?

Yes, I am so lucky that I live in California. The weather is very nice here. I don’t like working out indoors. Skateboarding is just the thing for me.

Do you wear makeup in your daily life?

I prefer being natural. I do not like  wearing makeup too much in my daily life. I like wearing casual things. Comfort is important for me. I can tell that this is how my mother raised me.

High heels or flats?

Definitely sneakers…

What do you do for skin care?

I use moisturizers.

You’ve become the face of Chanel; you are the favorite of Karl Lagerfeld; do you know why were you chosen?

He said he liked my natural aspect.