Imagine such an umbrella that it will inform you whether it will rain or not before you go out through connecting to internet via its Wi-fi connection. Or immediately you have been caught to rain. While you were holding an umbrella in one hand and a bag in your other hand, your mobile has rung. If you leave your umbrella and take your mobile phone from your bag, it is sure that you will get soaked. From now on, this problem is about to vanish away. Because, new generation designers working on mobile connection through installing special Bluetooth devices compatible with mobile phones into the handles of the umbrellas. Very soon, namely, don’t be astonished if you see people who talk on the mobile phones on the streets via their umbrellas.

With coming of the winter, the rain also started to show up. Undoubtedly, the biggest savior of those rainy days is our umbrellas. Imagine, what if the umbrellas hadn’t been invented? Our life, willy-nilly, would be a bit complicated and wet, wouldn’t it? We all change as the time passes. Accordingly, the products, accessories and technologies also experience changes. One of the most commonly used expressions nowadays is “new generation design”. The real emphasis here is the satisfying the different needs of the individuals through innovative designs.  Every month, we will employ new and futuristic versions of a different object, accessory or technological products in our section called “The Designs of Future”. Some designs currently decorate the shop-windows while some designs provide us clues about changes is our lives in 2050’s. Our issue of this month is the umbrellas which we have mentioned above…… They are one of the objects which are widely used. The sine qua non’s in our bags….. The in-capacious tiny umbrellas are really functional. Starting from this point of view, we analyzed new generation umbrella projects of young designers who design different and innovative designs all over the world.  Thanks to those designers, umbrellas will not only protect from rain, but also from wind, snowstorms and, even, from pickpockets. What is more enjoyable than easily cycling or riding motor bikes while it is raining? Your umbrella will turn into a standing monitor thanks to its internet connection and will inform you about every detail which occurs in social media. Now, let’s take a glance at 10 new generation umbrella designs and characteristics which will substantially facilitate our lives……

Nubrella really doesn’t look like any umbrella we have ever met up to now. It protects you against cold, wind and rain in an impelling manner. Besides, you don’t have to hold this umbrella in your hands. It is enough to wear it on your head like a hat. It has got a very practical opening and closing system. One of the most significant aspects of this product is that is it may be sold. Namely, you can have this umbrella through an online order. The designer of this New York oriented product is Alan Kaufman. Kaufman who expresses that casual umbrellas are designed without considering the wind direction also protect individuals against not only rain but also wind, snow and snowstorm through the design of Nubrella. Since you don’t have to hold Nubrella like the other umbrellas, you may easily cycle or ride a motorbike. The price of Nubrella umbrellas which are sold online through website www.nubrella.com  in 66 countries is just $ 59.99.

Have you ever thought that the comb of umbrellas look like a projector when you look at the transparent umbrellas?  The designers called Takashi Matsumoto and Sho Hashimoto have hit the ground running and designed Pileus Internet Umbrella as soon as they realize this similarity. The general aspect of this umbrella is that it can be connected to internet while walking under rain thanks to its mobile PC connection and a projector. Namely, you have opportunity to observe the world while you are walking under the rain. You may watch YouTube videos; check the weather forecasts, and even follow the films currently come out. Definitely, have a look at web site www.pileus.net …

Given that you are walking on the street on a rainy day and one of the pickpockets suddenly grabbed your bag. The umbrella you are holding in your hand may be a life savior for you. The umbrellas with fist-iron like tip are a defense tool not only for women but also men…… The Umbuster umbrellas protect you against not only rain but also suddenly occurring attack very effectively. The price of the umbrellas sold on the internet site www.srulirecht.com is € 225. Let’s remind that the iron fists on the handle of the umbrellas are mounted into the umbrella with a special CNC cut of 5 hours.

THE SQUIDARELLAS’ WHICH TURN INTO ARTWORKS WHEN IT RAINS …… Although it seems like a highly standard, black umbrella when looking from outside, the “hydro chromatic” umbrellas which changes its color thanks to a special content in it when it rains and turns into an umbrella covered with a multicolored design are very popular nowadays.   The umbrellas of Squid London which changes their color are fairly works of art…. The Squidarellas models of Squid London return back to its old black form when they dry. The products are offered for sale with different color alternatives beginning with € 25. www.squidlondon.com

Polite Umbrella
Joo Youn Paek’s  “Polite Umbrella”, namely, the model he called “polite umbrella” is quite attractive.  Paek who is tired of being exposed to small impacts since the people passing nearby use their umbrellas carelessly whenever it rains has finished this situation through “polite umbrella”. The polite umbrellas with round shapes, unlike the classical ones with clear cut, which provide an extra maneuver ability to the users, also diminishes the charmless situations which occur when you hit somebody by mistake.

Superbrella which is designed with carefully combination of five different umbrellas can masterly protect you against the raindrops which directly come to your face due to the effect of wind. This umbrella may be easily used even in the stormiest days.

Tandem Umbrella
The designers of this umbrella model, Jasmine Raznahan and Marc Owens, have designed a special product for the couples who can’t be separated from each other. The most significant aspect of Tandem Umbrella is that it may be used by two people at the same time. Instead of two people staying under one umbrella, you may experience the pleasure of walking under rain holding the umbrella from two handlings.

Inside-out Umbrella
The Inside-Out Umbrella which has a special waterproof form (the umbrella which inside and outside of it can be used differently) is the great savior of rainy days. After the rain is over, it turns into a normal bag thanks to a mechanism in its content. For that reason, it appears to be a highly functional design.

Forecast Umbrella
Thanks to the Weather Forecast Umbrella, namely, which can check the weather forecast on the internet through its Wi-Fi connection prior to going out; being caught to the rain unprepared will be diminished.

Bluetooth Umbrella
Thanks to the Bluetooth technology that will be specially installed to your umbrella, you will be able to talk on the phone through your umbrella without taking your mobile phone out of your bag on rainy days.