In fact, the watches we have been carrying on our wrists are accessories which are rather significant for many people. Those watches will have software which will go beyond being solely an accessory to show the time.  The foundations of those watches which were designed in the form of wristbands are being laid. The brands which combine their high tech investments with creative and innovative efforts of the designers will mark an era through their new-generation watches. They will facilitate the life of hearing-impaired people, constitute hope for diabetic patients, finish the forgetfulness and even will interpret about your mood through observing your behaviors.

Tattoo and watch together with IDermal (images of idermal)
The latest design by Dave Hurban, the tattoo designer, will be a pioneer of a new current in the watch industry. With his special designs for tattoo struck, Hurban provides an innovative dimension to the concepts of tattoo and watch. In order to integrate the special design which includes tattoo-watch combination with skin, magnets injected under the skin are required. The creator of the magnets is Jason Williams. As a result of this creative work by Williams and Hurban, special magnets are inserted into the tattoo on your wrist. Then, iPod nano watch is located on those Magnets. Through iPad nano watches which becomes integrated with your tattoo, you may both learn the time and listen to the music with pleasure.

Eliminate the problem of charging through Dyson energy wristband
In the future, we will be carrying accessories with functional characteristics on our wrists much more beyond a watch. Those watches in the shape of wristbands will facilitate the life a lot more. For example, the new generation wristband called ‘The Dyson Energy Bracelet’ will enable you charge the battery of your mobile phone. This wristband developed by Mathieu Servais, Clement Faydi and Mickael Denie cuts out for those whose battery is continuously used up. The only thing you should do is to activate the mobile phone and your wristband at the same time.

Special design by Konstanstın Datz for hearing impaired.
Konsantin Datz who became the current issue with the design of special watch wristband turns the sounds into images. Thanks to this watch, you may protect yourself better against the hazards in the outer world. You may not hear the sound of horn, but an alarm comes to you through this watch and an image of a car horn appears on the screen of your watch. Thus, you will be warned about moving to pavement or moving to right or left direction. It is possible to multiply such examples…… The technological rings in this model direct its user through turning the sounds into visual images.

Your watch and pen is together with you through Helix
The hybrid model which includes the combination of a watch and a pen is an extremely innovative product. Helix, designed by Raka Gemma helps you to carry your writing object on your wrist. Indeed, this product mostly appeals to the writers and the journalists.  No matter where you are; you utilize Helix on your wrist whenever an instant inspiration comes or an emergency event occurs instead of digging your bag deep for the pen.

Gluco (M) especially for diabetic patients                                                                               
 Another design of watch which may lead to a different transformation in health sector is ‘The Gluco (M)’. Thanks to this special watch-wristband worn on the wrist, the diabetic patients will be able to easily observe their glucose levels. Through special technological sensors in their contents, the samples of glucose in human body are reflected on the screen via a different electric current. The diabetic patients need to measure the levels of glucose in their body and determine the level of insulin they need according to this level. For that reason, Gluco (M) will be a very effective solution for the people with this disease.

Mnemonic will end the forgetfulness
From time to time; all of us forget the things we have to do due to the chaos of work and private life. Paying the credit card, taking medicine, paying for the rent, calling a sick friend to say “get well soon” or buying a special present for the wedding anniversary…… This list may drag on. This special watch-wristband called ‘Mnemonic’ was programmed to remind you about the things you shouldn’t forget. Thanks to this watch, you will never forget anything and even you will act before the time comes.

The Eole works with wind-power
‘The Eole’ watches, designed by a designer called Julien Moise, work with wind-power energy. The Eole with an extremely environmentalist infrastructure present a different life style for nature-lovers. Yes, your watch doesn’t work when there is no wind; but this is the characteristics of The Eole which makes it different…… Moreover, the batteries used in normal watches are directly thrown away when they are used up and this inevitably causes the environmental pollution. The Eole watches are hundred percent environmentalists.

F.Bertrand brings the social media to your wrist
think of such as watch that this watch is your tablet pc, your smartphone and your watch. The smartphone model by F.Bertrand designed to wear, automatically carries numerous technologies to your wrist.  The interface of this special watch design by the French art director, F.Bertrand, shows similarity with iPhones. Its menu is extremely practical, functional and entertaining. No sooner than you wear this watch to your wrist, you will be informed about all the events occurring in the social media.

The Smile observes your mental state
‘The Smile’ model which Emopulse specially designed really has a very different dynamics. The most significant characteristics of The Smile which becomes prominent both as a wristband and a watch are its capacity to observe the mental state of the person who wears it. Namely, if the person who wears this wristband is tired or needs to rest or sleep, a special warning comes to that person.  Supposing that you have overslept…… the Smile automatically starts the snooze mode. The people calling you are directed to leave a voicemail.