He Advanced Through Investing in a Different Concept

He Advanced Through Investing in a Different Concept

Kerim Kaan Yüksel, one of the new generation chefs who stepped into the world of gastronomy, founded Noop in Kuzguncuk after his education at Yeditepe University.

Yüksel designs a different flavor concept with pancakes and different breakfast alternatives. He invests in the right technique, quality and realizes different recipes. Yüksel specializes in hot cuisine and his meat specialties are very unique.

Breakfast and pancake combination

Noop, which attracts attention with its warm atmosphere in Kuzguncuk, İstanbul, offers its target audience specialties such as egg benedict, pancake, scrambled eggs, muesli with forest fruits, and bagel, as well as different burgers and salads. Kerim Kaan Yüksel, who is one of the young talents who studied at Yeditepe University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department outstands as the kitchen chef and operator of Noop. He returned to the sector after working for 4 years in the family business in the textile sector. Yüksel, who specializes in hot cuisine, says that he dominates every cuisine. Underlining that the essence of the job is to know the right techniques and to select quality products, Yüksel said, “After that, the recipe is completed with the correct practice. Since I didn’t enjoy working for our family business, I decided to be the chef of my own business. In line with this vision, I have been serving as Noop operator and kitchen chef for 6 months. Our company mainly has breakfast and pancake concept. Here, we offer our customers a blend of bagel, Turkish breakfast, and American pancake breakfast. We also use Belgian chocolate and French pastry cream in our dessert recipes. We are also ambitious with the main courses on our menu.”

Hygiene and the order of the kitchen are important

As for the menu’s most notable specialties… Donut, homemade jams, fried dough, pancake towers, various pancakes, and burgers are among the most appreciated and demanded flavors of Noop. Kerim Kaan Yüksel stated that they serve with a team of 7 people in the kitchen: “My day is usually between the kitchen and the safe. Since I am also a space operator, I am active in guiding our assistant chefs and controlling orders received and delivered. The kitchen layout is very important and we are in a fixed order. Our preparation is made early every morning and products are prepared on order. The location, use, and order of each product and material work in a certain way. Hygiene is very important to us. I get upset when I see a material that is not cleaned after use. At the same time, it makes me nervous because the kitchen is quiet and needs systematic progress. When cooking, we pay the most attention to the taste and freshness of the product. Then presentation and speed are very important for us; our customers should always be happy with the product that comes to the table. I enjoy cooking more as the customer’s face smiles and he/she says that it was wonderful.”

Appeals to a dynamic audience

Yüksel emphasized that they cater to a very dynamic target audience from 7 to 70 at Noop, which stands out with its different breakfast alternatives and especially pancake options. He says, “We welcome people of all ages. But, of course, our main interest is the young generation who loves new tastes and does not hesitate to try. They can also enjoy lunch and dinner in our botanical garden. All-day long breakfast service is also available for late breakfast lovers.” Yüksel stated that he has different projects on his profession: “You want to climb these steps one by one. Now, this little team of 7 will be 17 or more in the future, why not? We have taken a road to grow our brand further and I will continue this road. My advice to people who want to be a chef today is to ask them if they really like this job. Culinary is a tough sector. An area that requires perseverance, speed, intelligence, coordination. They need to be innovative and have a liking for research. They also need to develop human relationships and be confident.”  


Bon-filet cafe de pari recipe by chef Kerim Kaan Yüksel

Ingredients: 250 gram bon-filet, 200 gram butter, 70 gram cream, 50 gram roquefort cheese, 3 gram curry, 3 gram turmeric, 1 pinch of dill, 2 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.


Melt the butter and cheese. Add the garlic, spices, cream and cook until it thickens. Fry both sides of the meat, four minutes each, on a pan. Slice them 1 cm thick. Pour the sauce over the meat and serve with french fries and salad. Enjoy!