CEO of AE Architecture Architect Mimar Ahmet Erkurtoğlu, who has nearly turned his office located in Kozyatağı, İstanbul into an exhibition, collects ethnic objects from around the world. Erkurtoğlu has a special collection, which consists of objects such as antique photograph machine, typewriter, gramophone, dagger, radio, mind game, model ship, and coffee mill.    

“We’ve done our job always correctly and with passion.”
Having been in this sector for the last 32 years, CEO of AE Architecture Architect Ahmet Erkurtoğlu, who has signed under 300 urban transformation projects in the last two years and given a start for the urban transformation projects in İstanbul, focusing heavily in Kadıköy, is among the experienced names of the sector. We have met with Ahmet Erkurtoğlu who has put his signature under important tourism, education, office, and residence projects such as Evim Kadıköy, Ofisim İstanbul, Seyr-i Adalar, Hilton Doubletree, Bostancı City, Panorama Park Moda, Doğa College Çamlıca, and Doğuş University for breakfast at his office located in Kozyatağı İstanbul. Stating that an important part of his job consists of urban transformation projects, Erkurtoğlu comments on their difference in the sector, “We have done our job always correctly. AE Architecture serves its clients for 25 years. We love what we do and we have always been honest. Because we love our job, we are in a continuous development.”

He has been collecting for 25 years
No matter how busy his schedule is, he always finds the time for his hobbies and himself. Ahmet Erkurtoğlu’s office is full of objects collected from the places that he has visited until today. He has picked up an interest in collecting 25 years ago. Erkurtoğlu says, “I have an inquisitive personality. I don’t skip to visit the different antique shops of the regions that I visit during my travels in and out of the country. I keep entering shops to collect the things that interest me. In order to find unique objects that are identified with unique cultures, I explore different stores. I travel often so many places for business. My travels feed my passion to collect different objects dynamically. I have visited many different places such as Morocco, Budapest, Singapore, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, England, Yemen, Russia, Vienna, and Venice, traveling around 50 countries. My collection includes gifts from my friends who know about my interest in collecting as well as the objects that I found. It even contains a marriage certificate issued by the Department of Treasury.”

The sini that he used to eat on is in his collection 
Ahmet Erkurtoğlu’s office has really a different ambience. Many unique objects invade the place such as antique photograph machines, sinis (any round tray used as a table for serving meals,) pickup, and typewriters. Exhibiting the sini that he ate meals on when he was a kid in his office, Erkurtoğlu placed his 1963 Riga motorcycle in his favorite corner. Erkurtoğlu informed us about the places in Turkey that he enjoyed visiting: “Cappadocia has a mesmerizing ambience. However, you need to rent a car there. The doors that I saw during my last visit there are still in my mind. Urfa, Edirne, Muğla, and Kastamonu have wide range of local products and objects.”

India and Kenya are in line
Erkurtoğlu showed us the bow that he bought in Singapore with excitement. Two destinations that he wants to travel the most are India and Kenya. The collection of Ahmet Erkurtoğlu contains many items such as postal stamp, dagger, rotary, pocket watch, gun, mind games, model ship, iron, radio, plates, tray, coffee mill, marbles, old keys, construction supplies, carpenter’s plane, water gauge, sherbet carafe and many more.