CEO of Yemeksepeti.com Nevzat Aydın, who is passionate about comic books since his childhood years, has over three thousand comic books in his collection. Aydın, who keeps them at his family home in Bursa, has secured them all in special wrapping, so they won’t be damaged. He says that he purchases two of the same issue of a comic book all the time. We had a pleasant chat with Nevzat Aydın about his hobby.

CEO of Yemeksepeti.com Nevzat Aydın leads a team of 335. We asked him his secret to success in business: “I think of myself as a leader who communicates with ease with the each member of his team, and values being objective and transparent. On the other hand, I hate working with people who doesn’t value or embrace his or her job, because that’s the secret to our success at Yemeksepeti.com. We have come up with solutions, we have counted on our ideas, skills, and we have kept learning new things to come to this point. I don’t choose to work with people who doesn’t share same feelings and who doesn’t have any ambitions for work or life. Having good intentions also mean a lot to me. I think, people without good intentions will fail at some point. Life views are more important to me than titles. I like to work with people who are open to learning, who follow innovations, produce new ideas, and don’t know any bounds when it comes to creating. When I want to advice my teammates, I usually emphasize these issues. When we hire, we first observe our potential teammates for these traits.”

He dotes on his collection
The greatest hobby of Nevzat Aydın, who states that he tries to make time for his hobbies to relax since he has a busy work schedule, is collecting comic books. Aydın says that the beginning of his interest in comic books goes back to his childhood years: “When I was learning how to read in elementary school, comic books helped me a lot. They are my passion. They help me relax and get rid of stress at any time of day. I have over three thousand comics in my collection. A small part of it is in my office, but the rest is at my family home in Bursa. I keep them in special vacuums so they won’t be damaged. I always purchase two of the same issue. I don’t even remove one of them from its package.”

Becomes inspired
Emphasizing that he has a character that can carry his childhood heroes to his adult life, Aydın says, “Comic books remind me of my childhood and a period that we used to be more innocent, pure, and more focused. I can tell that this was how I was inspired and relaxed. I also follow the world football closely. I watch foreign leagues with enthusiasm.”

He favor Italian comic books
Nevzat Aydın told us about his favorite comic book creators and characters: “I like the American creators Frank Miller and George Perez, and the British creator Brian Bollard. I follow Zagor’s legendary creator Gallieno Ferri and Galep and Repetto, among the Tex creators. I collect the old issues from second-hand booksellers and from the other collectors. When I go to Italy, although I don’t speak Italian, I purchase Zagor’s original versions.”

Makes time during his trips
Mentioning that he makes time for this during his trips out of country, Aydın says, “I don’t prefer color American comic books that are printed on glossy paper. To tell you the truth, I find Italian comics suit my spirit better. My favorite is definitely Zagor. I did not miss any issue of it for the last 23 years. I own all issues since 1990. I find Zagor’s attitude close to mine. He sides with the ones that he actually knows that they are going to lose the fight. Drawings, dialogs, fictional elements, and character analysis are very successful. I also like black and whites such as Mister No and Martin Mystere.”