Yücel Kale, who makes very original sculpture designs with material groups such as wood, glass, semi precious stones, and metal in the Yücel Kale Sculpting Workshop located, in Rasimpaşa, Kadıköy, is a sculptor who takes great pleasure from trying different combinations. Kale who has an uttermost disciplined state of mind gives life to unique designs by combining his creativity and innovative perspective. Yücel Kale, who has opened over 15 solo exhibits in his 19-year career, will draw attention in 2017 with his exhibits that presents different concepts.

Trying new styles
Yücel Kale, who graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University in 2000, opened his first exhibition in his student years. Yücel Kale, who had been an apprentice at a jewelry shop for 6-7 years, put his signature under over 15 exhibitions in 19 years. Kale who focuses on different designs using diverse materials in his sculpting workshop, located in Rasimpaşa, Kadıköy, says, “I take great pleasure out of using different materials for one piece and trying new things. I focus on designs in which everyone can find something familiar and appeal to everyone. I used wood in my first works. I later began using glass. Glass sculpting works are very new to Turkey. I also have designs in which I use metal instead of glass.” Yücel Kale, who opened his most recent exhibition named ‘List of Values’ on the 23rd of February at the Selvin Gallery, located in Arnavutköy, makes the following comment on that exhibit: “The list, which partakes in my exhibition, is a list of values. It is a list of reasoning that must be done to understand yourself and your purpose. It is a state of awareness against the approach of creating a low profile society. It is the questioning and initiation process of consciousness, which has been torn apart from its purpose and priorities, that must be done now and once again.

He is designing artbags or in other words sculpture bags
Yücel Kale, who is currently being prepared for his new exhibition, which consists of works created by engraving crystal-semi precious stones, at the G-Art, says that he comes to the workshop everyday and works for very long periods. We asked Kale, who points out that working relieves him and it creates a meditative effect on him, what his biggest dream is: “I want to be able to leave my most precious works, which reflect me the most, to my daughter Cemre.” One of Yücel Kale’s unique designs is his special bag creations that he names ‘ArtBags’. Kale told us that his artbag designs being displayed in a showcase format for the first time at İzmir Swissotel gather much recognition. He adds, “The fact that the artbags are very important items that summarize their owners excites me. We are in a dedifferentiation era. Whichever area you look into, you will see similar things and this is so boring. Each of these bags is unique, single, and a sculpture on top of that. They can befriend people by means of their identities. I have much fun while designing artbags. However it takes about 10 days to design an artbag.”

He is being prepared for his exhibition related to stones 
Expressing the extreme difference and mystical sensation of working with semi-precious stones, Yücel Kale continues to his words: “All of the stones are alive and they all contain different mysteries. The fact that nature has created such a thing really excites me. Right now, I am working with green opal stone that was quarried in Kastamonu. This stone takes an amazing color when it is wet. Green gives you a quite different energy. I am designing a snake figure by using this stone.”

Pointing out the pleasure of learning new things and bringing unordinary pieces or materials together, Yücel Kale lets every detail to the flow during the design process. Kale says that when he is calm and not thinking about the future he works in a much more peaceful and creative tempo. He emphasizes that his wife is also a sculptor and that they use this workshop together. While he is getting ready for his new exhibition, his wife helps him in every way she can. Kale enjoys working shoulder to shoulder in the same atmosphere with his wife.