He Gives Life to Art Deco Designs

He Gives Life to Art Deco Designs

Serving at Ağaoğlu Çarşısı in Nuruosmaniye, İstanbul since 1989, Ginkgo Fine Jewellery’s founder Nişan Çil designs art-deco style jewelry using platin, gold, silver, diamond, precious and semi-precious stones. 

Individuals who don’t like ordinary jewelry and look for different designs and appreciate jewelry, that are interested in custom designs, and who value these designs represent the target mass of the brand. The designs of the brand are being followed up by the jewelry enthusiasts throughout Turkey, primarily in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir. Ginkgo creations gained followers also in England, Switzerland, and in the USA.

The name of the brand comes from a sacred tree

Ginkgo Fine Jewellery brand has actually been founded by the initiative of someone who was more interested in electronics than jewelry. Nişan Çil, who used to pull apart the portable radios at home to carefully investigate what was inside when he was 10, entered the jewelry sector as a helper under the influence of his family in 1975. He founded his own jewelry brand in Nuruosmaniye in 1989. Çil immortalizes his extensive experience within the aim of both the jewelry sector and the design process with unusual designs. Çil, who sadly expresses that there was not an educational institution that offered training in the sector then, says earnestly, “I improved myself thanks to my investigative personality and my deep knowledge I have undoubtedly gained over the years. I have eagerly followed up the foreign publications in the jewelry sector, I have read, I have searched.  I value preliminary investigation and gathering information not only in jewelry design but in every task I perform.” We have asked Çil if the word Ginkgo had a significant meaning for him, “Gingko, Gingko Biloba with its original name, is the oldest tree species that has been commonly planted all over the world before the age of dinosaurs, survived until today, and known as a sacred tree in China and Japan. My spouse Tayis Çil, who is a biologist, came up with this name when we were searching for a title for the company.” We work with a team of three at the workshop and start at 9.30 am. We start the business day typically following an exchange of creative ideas with the team.

From a photo to a jewel

Nişan Çil, who expresses absolute pleasure in designing and producing art-deco style jewelry, summarizes what processes inspired him in the design phase as follows: “We produce modern style and personalized jewelry in line with requests. I concentrate more on the enamel work. We have many productions in this style. For example, an underwater critter or a seashell can inspire me. A dragonfly I caught in a shot on an island can next regain life in a jewel. When I dive, an ear-shell I see at 20 meters can instantly turn into a magnificent pendant necklace in my head while I’m still under water. This hollow shell comes back to life as a necklace after a rigorous work at the workshop. I make envelopes from Ginkgo leaves. Everything in my surroundings may naturally suggest different inspirations. The design process begins when an object with a particular design value strikes my eye. That object or photo sometimes sits on my desk for days. Sometimes it just takes a unique shape and lives as a precious jewel. When it comes to methodology… I first outline the design. I inspect the materials at hand and provide materials to be used in addition. I meticulously plan on production stages after design. I also develop a plan B in possible terms of the risks that may arise.”


Enamel works and animal figures are used primarily

Emphasizing that Ginkgo Fine Jewellery designs start from 200 dollars and may go up to 5 thousand, Nişan Çil says the Turks prefer the more familiar designs and the foreigners prefer the unique jewels that contain hand work. Expressing they are planning to do more business abroad in 2019, Çil said, “The styles that I like to design appeal more to the target mass abroad. Enamel works and animal figures are extremely popular. My biggest dream for this area already came true with my first design. My first design was a pendant shaped as an eye with many types on the market, but none of them with enamel. I designed the most suitable shapes and color tones working long hours. After decorating the pendants with enamel in various colors and glamorizing in between the enamel work with diamonds, we presented our designs to the market in varieties like pendant necklaces and charm bracelets. As soon as the designs came to the market, many other jewelers began imitating. Of course you become upset when such a thing happens because your design is imitated. But the imitation of a design generates also a feeling of pride. We were unfamiliar with marketing at that time. Our way of marketing was incorrect. Now we are much more careful in this regard.”