Are you one of the people who think about what to eat right in front of the refrigerator after coming home from work? It doesn’t matter if you are married or single. Many of us are too lazy to cook for dinner. At this point, one important detail that makes life much easier is to order home. You might be bored of ordering pizza, kabob, meatballs or hamburger all the time. Meal Box food chain offers an alternative to people, who are tired of ordering fast food and would like to adopt a healthy eating style.

Meal Box that appeals to working people who doesn’t have time to cook delivers to both residential and commercial areas. Meal Box that has put 8 branches into service in a short time such as 6 months in İstanbul is planning to reach a number of 20 locations until the end of 2014. General Manager of Meal Box, which owns a branch network that reaches to two million customers in İstanbul from Ataşehir to Göktürk and from Suadiye to Kilyos, Murat Demirhan says, “There is a huge demand from the areas that we don’t serve yet in İstanbul and from other cities. For this reason, we are planning to grow by means of franchising system to reach more customers in 2015. We are going to reach a number of 80 locations including the ones that we are going to open as a company and through franchising in the first half of 2015.” Demirhan comments on how they have made the decision on establishing Meal Box, “As a team, we used to complain about not finding healthy food alternatives before establishing Meal Box. Although, it is easy to find many places that prepares home meals, it is still hard to find alternatives that are prepared with care and that taste the way we desire. We have created Meal Box brand with our vice general manager Cüneyt Gürbüz and managing partner Bülent Demirhan to solve this problem and to have people experience the pleasure of eating healthy in the direction of a different concept.”

Very well, but how is Meal Box different? Emphasizing that they have their restaurant quality meals reach their customers with the same care that they could only find in their homes, Murat Demirhan says, “We are the first brand to use this system in Turkey and we are the only one in our field. We offer our service within a wide spectrum from main dishes to appetizers. Our menu includes almost 50 varieties from regional dishes to panna cotta and from smoked turkey to vegetable wrap. The dishes cooked within the structure of Meal Box carry chef Aybek Şurdum’s signature. Nutrition, diet, and phytotherapy specialist, Gizem Keservuran, calculate the nutrition values and calories of the menus. Meal Box offers services in three concepts to our targeted customers: multi-meal menus, single meal menus, and pot portions (approximately 2.5 kg). Our customers who don’t want to order a complete meal can order a single dish from the menu. Ten thousand people have tasted our specialties until today. We are targeting to reach to forty thousand people until the end of this year.”

Stating that besides delivering healthy meals to homes and offices they are going to open Meal Box restaurants, Murat Demirhan continues to his words, “We are going to develop new meal order concepts for 6-8 people besides single portion orders. We are also going to materialize models in the direction of different diet preferences. Our delivery boxes are very functional. Thanks to our special design, we are able to deliver our meals properly to our customers. If someone orders yogurt, yogurt is delivered without messing with the other dishes in the same order. We deliver desserts and dishes without turning them into slurries with utmost care as eating in restaurants. We had collaborated with PlusPack and Folyo Term, which are the world-renown packaging brands. Our delivery box design is made by Tasarist.” Meal Box arranges a different kind of promotion within the frame of online credit system. Vegetable/meat menu is priced 16.95TL, red meat menu is priced 20.95TL, and white meat menus are priced around 19.95TL. The customers who don’t want to order a complete meal can order a single dish from the menu.