Hello to The Iron Silk Road

Hello to The Iron Silk Road

Dear Readers,

The month of November has been carrying sorrow to our hearts for 81 years. The 10th of November is the day when the Republic of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk passed away and the day our longing reaches its summit. With the consciousness that loving Atatürk means embracing our business; I remember our veteran with mercy and gratitude.

In November, we will sign a very different transit transportation success as TCDD. The 850-meter-long “China Railway Express” departing from China will cross Anatolia and reach İstanbul on November 6, using Marmaray to take the title of the first freight train crossing under the Bosporus to Europe. We will also announce the new Iron Silk Road between China and Europe. We will increase our share in freight transportation and transit trade with this move, which is the first fruit of the great gains that the Central Asian Railways Summit that we held in Ankara in October will bring for our country.

November is also the month of loyalty. I would like to congratulate our teachers on the 24th of November the Teachers Day. We would like to see the small contribution, which we will make with the Ministry of National Education to the “81 Provinces 81 Good Examples” exhibition where the professional works of 81 provincial representative teachers will be displayed at the Ankara High-Speed Train Terminal Foyer Area between November 18 and 24,  as a small expression of our appreciation for our teachers. I would like to invite you, our respectable readers, to this beautiful exhibition.

I wish all our readers a happy and peaceful month; take care.

Ali İhsan UYGUN

Director General of TCDD