His Biggest Motivation is Making His Target Mass Amazed

His Biggest Motivation is Making His Target Mass Amazed

Being opened in Nişantaşı, İstanbul in May 2018 and having been serving the most special dishes of the Italian cuisine to its target mass ever since, Glens İstanbul advances by investing in the vision of becoming a special meeting point where good food, good music, and good ambiance are brought together at the same address.

We had a pleasant interview with the Executive Chef of Glens İstanbul and Glens Roof Bahadır Abul, who targets to promote the Turkish cuisine worldwide, to become a prominent chef of the world in the field of gastronomy, and to open a restaurant of his own in the mid-term, on how he develops the different flavor combinations with local recipes in the aim of the Italian cuisine to appeal to his target mass.

Combinations of various flavors

Bahadır Abul, among the young and successful chefs of the gastronomy world, is a graduate of Bolu Mengen Anadolu Professional Cook School. He has worked at popular restaurants such as Vogue Restaurant, Anjelique, Park Hyatt, Wolwang Puck Spago, Das Das, and Michelle Brasserie with world-famous chefs such as Jamie Hagan, Julien Piguet, Martin Satow, Fabio Brambilla, Peleg Miron, and Ryan Cruz until today. Having been coming to prominence as the executive chef of Glens İstanbul and Glens Roof since September 2018, Abul has left 12 years behind in this sector as a professional. He says that he has been spending most of his time in the kitchen since he was four, Abul continues to his words: “Although I am 30 now, I met with this profession when I was a child. Moreover, my family still talks about how I used to enter the kitchen fervently to make very hard dishes as a 4-year-old boy. This job is in my genes.”

Abul, who expresses his ambition in the Turkish and the Ottoman cuisines as well as the world cuisine, says, “I am focusing on making dishes to create amazement and difference in the kitchen. I add my own interpretations to the prominent dishes of the world cuisine by using particularly local ingredients. Designing new dishes with different flavor combinations that no one ever thinks about and seeing the happiness on the faces of those who try is my source of motivation. I am also interested in the Mediterranean and the Far-East cuisines, harboring numerous flavors.”

He values originality in his presentations


Having been working for the last 4 months as the executive chef within Glens İstanbul and Glens Roof, opened in May 2018, Bahadır Abul presents the outstanding dishes of the Italian kitchen to his target mass. Expressing that they prepare the Italian dishes by using genuine Italian ingredients and local recipes, Abul comments: “Except the menu we started in October, we have a concept called “flavors in their season” every month. We have begun to serve the favorite dishes of the seafood season, which opened with an abundance this year, with different touches, flavor combinations and special cooking techniques. Our “flavors in their season” is well-known by our guests now that they ask about our special every time they come. This excites them since it feels as if the surprise of the day. When it comes to Glens Roof, the menu there is different from the one in Glens İstanbul. We start the service at 5 pm. When it was first opened, the menu was crowded with tapas. Later, we developed our menu with the rich flavors of the Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines. We serve fried mussels, one of the well-known street flavors, with a side of mashed avocado, tomato and lime slices, and Thai curry vinegar sauce. This is a presentation you cannot find anywhere else. This allows us to promote the Turkish cuisine to our foreign guests while having our local guests experience the flavors they often see outside in a very different way. I value simplicity, taste, and locality.”

He values quality and freshness   

Working with a team of 16 in the kitchen, Bahadır Abul states that they prepare and serve for Glens İstanbul, Glens Roof, and Nish Palas İstanbul by Hyatt. The team, which advances by investing in systematic work, division of labor, and time management, races against time in the process from preparing the orders and to serving them to the guests. Presenting every meal in the same quality, standard, and freshness is important. The most attention-grabbing specials of Glens İstanbul are ‘branzino al limone’ which is oven baked sea bass served with porcini mushrooms and tomatoes, ‘linguine mare’ with seafood and tomatoes, ‘Denver steak’ with truffles and swordfish. Abul talked about the new additions to the menu: “We added ‘tuna tartare’ to the appetizers section of our menu. We are very ambitious with this flavor we prepare with togarashi and ponzu sauce. We also added ‘crab loui’ made with king crabs to our salad menu. This salad, which is rich in nutritional values, is served with mayonnaise combined with fresh spices and aioli sauce made with crab shells. Flavored with mascarpone, Parmesan, and cream, ‘chestnut agnolotti’ is among our newest additions. We also serve other specials such as veal ribs, mashed potatoes with mustard, lamb shoulder with baby leeks, country chicken in a bed of dates and caramelized pearl onions, cappuccino mousse, and grilled salmon with pumpkin.”


Ingredients: 1 half country chicken (breast and leg), 2 seedless dates, 4 Brussels sprouts, 3 peeled pearl onions, 1 stalk of parsley, 1/2 tbsp butter, a pinch of salt, a pinch of freshly grounded black pepper, chicken stock prepared in advance.

Directions: Thinly slice the dates. Boil the Brussels sprouts and slice them in two. Rub the chicken with salt and pepper. Add some olive oil in to a pan and fry the chicken with its skin on. When the skin begins to brown, place it on an oven tray and bake it in a 220 degree oven for 20 minutes. Saute the Brussels sprouts, 3 pearl onions, dates, and butter in a separate pan. When everything is well combined, add a pinch of freshly sliced parsley on top. In a separate pot, stir the chicken stock over low heat with 1 tbsp of butter. Place the sauteed ingredients on a service plate. Pour some of the chicken stock over this combination slowly. Place the chicken nicely on top. The side with skin should be facing up. Enjoy!