Naciye Acaroğlu is a typical Anatolian woman leading an ordinary life like everyone else. Everybody across Turkey got to know her through one of the competition program in which her son Mevlüt took part. Afterwards, she signed various projects, but her way of living has never changed. She is still a typical Anatolian woman endowed with a sincerity just like on her first day… Aunt Naciye, who has been currently taking care of her husband who underwent a heart surgery opened the doors of her home to us and offered some of special pancakes, which she made with her own hands.

In the first instance, can you tell us about your life before your first recognition?
I was born at one of the villages belonging to Konya province and grew up in a family with six siblings. In our time, they did not even allow girls to go to school let alone let them work; we were not even allowed to look outside through the door, but we were still happy. Years after my father had grabbed a job in one of the factories in Konya, he took us there too. In addition, I married shortly after that anyway.

How old were you when you got married?
I was 16 years old. Girls would marry customarily at an early age those days, my chuck. We used to get married to a man who our families approved and whenever they want us to marry regardless of age. We would have compassion and mutual respect in the family. We would spread some yogurt on dried bread and eat it. I would not change it for today’s milk and honey.

How was your own wedding?
I was a bride in poverty with only 12 pillows inside of which were filled with straw, an old faded carpet and creaking bedsteads (laughing). 43 years left behind and I am still happy. I have five kids like diamonds in my eyes. Three of them got married. Nowadays, young people are getting married and divorcing right after. That is because their parents disapprove their marriages in reality. For that reason, Mevlüt says, ‘mom, you do find a right girl for me to get married to.’

She has engaged in internet recently
Aunt Naciye, who has recently taken public’s attention with the ad film, had used the money she earned for the benefit of her son: “I built a brand new website ‘’ in the name of my son Mevlüt. It was in the past to wander around a marketplace laboriously in an attempt to find cheap stuffs, my baby. I learned how to use the internet as well. I buy kitchenware and utensils through internet with just a couple of clicks. I would absolutely recommend everybody try to do it. ”

How did Mevlüt participate in the competition, which made you popular in Turkey?
In 2001 financial crisis, on the ground that my husband was obliged to close down the market, which he had been already running, my son, went to Istanbul in an attempt to grab a work. He had applied for a competition program on TV and been accepted to. Of course, we were happy. My Lord closes one door and opens the other, thank goodness.

When were you involved in the program?
Acun (Turkey’s most famous producer) was drawing lots to decide who would be the competitor wanted, on the first day, all participants to be accompanied with any one of their family members. Two months after my son’s participation, I went there to stay with him leaving my daughter and husband behind. I left forever without returning. Believe me nine months have already passed. Even a pregnant woman would give a birth to a baby during this period. (Laughing). Thanks my blond Acun, he loved us and did not let us go.

Blond Acun?
I call all my kids in an affectionate way ‘my blond chuck ‘That is the way I do. Acun is also my blond chuck; I love him as if he is my own son. I always pray my God for the sake of him.

Were you acquainted with him before the program?
Nope, we first met in the program. Upon my talking on my earlier experiences in a natural way, he loved us and has enabled us to stay there. Then, we would go to movie shooting at three o’clock at the dead of night. It would last until the Morning Prayer. Ambiance was so beautiful I have never had a hard time. ‘We would wait for the day to come with a hope to win some money.

Did you keep on meeting with Acun later on?
Every time I visit İstanbul, I see him. On one occasion, together with his team, he came to our boutique hotel in Alaçatı. He has high value of esteem. God bless him.

As we remember, you have received only 10 TL from the contest. Did this situation cast you down?
Everyone would ask, ‘Would you get sad if you didn’t make money?’ I’d say ‘I wouldn’t worry’, but when we won only 10TL I felt like a fibroid broke off somewhere inside my waist. At that time, since my husband’s work went bad, we badly needed a lot of money. But my god is great, shut the one door, and opened the other. We had started to receive various offers for advertising and programs.

She always came to the contest on a motorcycle
“We would go to competition shooting on Mevlüt’s motorcycles. I was sitting behind his back. One day Acun saw us incidentally jumping down from the motorcycle in front of the studio and asked in amazement. ‘Aunt Naciye, how do you trip on this machine on such roads?’ He asked. He admired my courage and saying that’ everyone should see it; he had our motorcycle ride pose for the cameras.”

– “We got out off one plane and boarded another with suitcases in our hands. We were like flight attendant. We have made our program visiting provinces and regions. ”

After you gained fame you made an excursion program ‘Ana Kurusu’, didn’t you?
Yes, my chunk never mentions it. We got out off one plane and boarded another with suitcases in our hands. We were like flight attendant. Even if it was tiresome, we took pleasure of it. There are so beautiful places in my lovely country. We have made our program visiting many cities and regions.

So what happened to that program later on?
After a while, it began to become tiresome due to my old age. My husband and daughter were likewise staying here alone. Therefore, we decided to finish the program.

How was the reaction of people who know you from TV?
Never mention it. Fame came to me too late, my son. Now I am old and have an old husband and we are nearly at the end of life. When we were living in Istanbul, we could hardly walk in the streets because of local’s interests. When we went to market place, everybody stopped us and wanted to talk. God bless everybody who likes us or dislikes. I have difficulty to walk now. Everybody makes me stop and wants to talk and get a picture taken together.

So why did people love you so much?
I am a person who is at peace with my inner world. I do not want anybody to aware of my grief. I harmonize with anybody in every environment. I cry for the dead. I am a cheerful woman. That is by nature. I dislike gossiping and breaking people’s heart. It is enough for me to make one happy even with a glass of water. I guess that is why they loved me that much.

Most of your businesses are in Istanbul. Have you ever considered moving there?
I have daughter born after my forties. She wanted to go to a high school here. Accordingly, we sticked to her desire. This year she is going to take the university entrance exam. I wish she would study at a university here, and so we will go there and stay with Mevlüt.

In the meantime, I think you have been running a boutique hotel as well.
Yes. My older son is in tourism business. We thought that media sector is no future promising and in Alaçatı, we decided to open up hotel called ‘Naciye Teyze Konağı’.There I cooked bazlama (special Turkish cuisine a bit like pita bread with abundant oil) for years for my son’s future. For the guests I prepared regional dishes, which I made with my own hands.

What did they like most?
Our olive oil, sarma (one of the special Turkish dishes which has rice and ground meat inside a rolled up grape leaf). However, they happily ate and loved bazlama and pancake a lot.

How were you involved in the acclaimed ad film?
We were already receiving such an offer anyway. Mevlüt decided that I was not even aware of most of them. He thought that it was a film we could handle with. He asked me about it and I accepted without thinking.

Have you anticipated that ad film would receive so much impact?
It was much better than we expected. Drinks have garnered a lot of interest. Production areas have expanded. Of course there might have been good or bad compliments. However, we have always heard good ones.

Everybody wonders whether you prepared the drink or not.
We did what we were supposed to do according to requirement of scenario, my son.

You caught much attention with your smile too…
If I try to do a role I would fail to manage. I cannot help laughing, my chuck. Thanks, God. Everybody liked it.

To what do you owe your inexhaustible energy at such an age?
This is a blessing from God. I do not make a special effort to do so.

What are you doing nowadays?
My husband had a heart surgery. I am taking care of him. We have visitors coming and going a lot. We are hosting them sweetly as much as we can.