How is the Color Harmony Captured?

How is the Color Harmony Captured?

Capturing the color harmony in your clothing combination is one of the most important rules of being stylish. You can be stylish even only by bringing together the right colors.

Which colors complement each other and which colors do not; if you pay attention to these tips, it will be easier to combine the right pieces. Let’s take a look at the harmony of colors together.


The cliche of “black goes with everything” is correct. Black goes with almost every color. However, there are colors that should not come together with black: navy blue, dark brown… When these dark colors are combined with black, they conceal each other. Well, if you ask which color goes the best with black, here is our answer: you will look both elegant and stylish in black from head to toe.


Everyone has a blue garment in his or her wardrobe. Blue is one of the ideal colors to create a stylish appearance and its match is white. These two colors will suit you as much as they will suit each other. In addition, beige, cream, gray, burgundy, and maroon go well with dark blue. Pay attention to its tones while matching the color blue.


White almost goes with every color as black does. Try to match it with the colors you like. You can use it in any piece such as dress, pants, skirts, jackets… The thing you should know is that you should keep white away from the other light colors. Your combination will make you look pale if you match white with cream or beige tones.


Green has many tones and is not among the most preferred colors. This color, light tones of which are used in summer and dark tones of which are used in winter, can be matched with black and gray. This combination will suit the people with green or hazel eye color. You should have this color, which also goes well with orange and beige, in your wardrobe.


Although brown is a color which is hard to combine, it is still popular. Warm colors that are close to brown such as yellow, orange, and mustard suit this color. Imagine wearing a yellow t-shirt and a brown skirt in this summer. You will look awesome in them.