How Much Do You Trust Yourself?

How Much Do You Trust Yourself?

Some sports branches really require courage. Having a good condition, having strong reflexes or being flexible enough doesn’t mean that you can perform every sport. Sometimes the most important feature you should have is courage. Sports such as powerbocking, airkicking, wing walking, and cliff diving allow the fearless sportsmen and women to experience adrenaline-filled minutes.

Are you in for cliff diving?

The tradition of jumping into the sea from a cliff, which is in the high-risk of death group among extreme sports, first started in 1770 at Lanai, one of the Hawaiian Islands. King of the period Kahekili ordered his warriors to jump into the sea from the high cliffs so that they could show their loyalty and courage to their country. This tradition later spread rapidly and became a sport today. This sport, which has many risks such as hitting rocks and crashing into the sea, attracts attention with its strict security measures. The requirements of jumping from 23 to 28 meters for women and from 18 to 23 meters for men, being in the ideal weight in order to hit the water at a speed of 75 to 100 kilometers at the time of diving into the sea are among the prominent factors for these security measures to be taken. Swimmers perform acrobatic movements during the dive, causing a scene of entertaining views. Since the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series started in 2009, many selected athletes from all over the world have been competing in this field.

Jumping, flying and being catapulted all together

If you don’t have a fear of heights and if you like extraordinary sports, then extreme sports such as powerbocking and airkicking are perfect for you. If you are ready to jump, fly and to be catapulted through the air, let the countdown begin! Powerbocking, which has spread rapidly in the Normandy region of France in recent years, has become an indispensable activity, especially among young people. Made of an aluminum-fiberglass blend elastic material and mounted to the feet, the powerbocking device, which is a half-meter long spring tool, allows you to jump in the air up to 1.5 meters high. Thanks to the device, which has the athlete experience a flying sensation in the air, the athlete is able to make acrobatic movements in the air. Speeds of over 30 kilometers can be reached while running.

Another type of extreme sports is airkicking, in other words, air catapult… In this sport, athletes are carefully placed in large catapults called ‘airkick’ and then thrown into pools about 8 meters away. After making the calculations such as air pressure and water rebound point, this technological device is ready to launch an athlete and makes the athlete experience adrenaline-filled moments.

Travel on top of an airplane

One of the most dangerous extreme sports in the world is wing walking… Adventure enthusiasts, in the scope of this sport, are strapped standing on top of a biplane. It is the most important factor to stay in balance in wing walking, where security measures are taken against the possibility of falling from the biplane moving at a speed of about 300 kilometers. Participants on the top of the plane enjoy an unforgettable experience with a wonderful view. Trying to move on the wings of the plane during flight is called wing walking. No physical performance is expected from you in this experience. Instead of sitting in the passenger seat, you are just standing on the upper wing of a classic biplane. An experienced pilot takes you up to 220 km/h and performs different acrobatic maneuvers that will force your heart such as 150 meters of dive and a low altitude flight. You are strapped on the upper wing of a two-seater trainer biplane called Boeing Stearman, with double-wings and an over-built welded-steel fuselage. With the maneuvering and breathtaking dives of the plane, you enjoy flying for 10 minutes.