How Should a Nursery Be?

How Should a Nursery Be?

The most special part you will decorate in your home is perhaps the room you will prepare for your baby.

The nurseries, which are prepared with great care and dreams by spending more effort than the other parts of the house, can trouble the parents. Because health comes first rather than beauty in nurseries. Parents should be aware of the products that are likely to harm their babies and should do good research. We have prepared important tips for parents to be aware of when decorating nurseries.


The first step for your newborn baby is to provide him/her with a clean room. Carpets should not be used in nurseries because they house germs and dust. Wall paints, floor installations, furniture, textile products such as comforters and curtains should be selected among products that are free of carcinogenic substances. Natural wood, organic dyes, organic cotton should form the contents of your choice. Since the use of metal creates a magnetic field, metal should not be used in furniture. Against home accidents, the goods should be checked for sharp edges or pointy corners.


The frame and textile of the baby crib should be selected from natural materials as the main rule. The hardness of the mattress should be kept medium. Because too hard or too soft mattress can prevent your baby from falling asleep. Hygiene also applies to the mattress. If you prefer a used mattress, it needs to be free of germs and bacteria. If you are going to buy a new product, you should choose one of the new generation germ-free mattresses. You can attach a musical crib mobile with soft toys of organic fabric to the crib so your baby can fall asleep easily.


Parents usually determine the color of the nursery depending on the baby’s gender. There is no harm in using baby pink or baby blue. Those who prefer a color other than pink or blue should stay away from dark tones. Dark colors make the room look small and create a boring atmosphere. Green, blue, nude tones can be used without worry.


In general, there is not much of a choice left for nurseries nowadays because houses are now built smaller with less number of rooms. But if you have the chance to choose, you should pick the room with plenty of daylight. Daylight and fresh air from the window are essential elements for the baby’s health. For night lighting, instead of a large one, a small lamp that doesn’t strain eyes should be preferred. White or yellow light should be selected. Using a night light will not interfere with your baby’s sleep.