How Should Your Bridal Gown Be?

How Should Your Bridal Gown Be?

The most important dress for a woman is her wedding dress. The one that is thought over the longest, and perhaps the most expensive but what makes it this precious is, in fact, the occasion, the most special night of a woman’s life.

Finding the best one among hundreds of models and fabric options is a process that requires patience. We are sharing a few tips that will make this process easier for women whose weddings are upcoming.


Your biggest mistake would be choosing a heavy fabric for your wedding gown to wear on this busily active day. Wearing a gown made from a heavy fabric that limits your mobility on top of standing on high-heels for long hours, carrying a bouquet, and a veil would be enough to ruin this special day. Selecting light and soft fabrics for the gown, embroidery, and lining will be in your best interest.


Designers diversify the wedding gown colors from black to red, but mind you, don’t choose any other color than white or its tones, if your wedding ceremony is not one of those extreme ones of course. If you insist on not wearing white then you should probably consider wearing pastel pink, nude, or peach tones that are in favor of designers recently. You might regret your decision later, if you go with a dominant color like red or black.


Looking elegant in your wedding gown is a must! And instead of providing it with thick corsets that restrict the movement, what do you think about the corsets that are sewn to the wedding dress? You can be sure that having your designer do this will be a wiser choice. These corsets that will come to your rescue are transparent and cannot be seen through your gown.


In every wedding dress, we go back to the past. This season, the 90s effect exists very much in designs. As the princess, A cut, and mermaid styles always maintain their popularity, a vintage style gown with the 90s effect presents an opportunity not to be missed by the retro lovers. You can participate in this trend by using ruffles and tulle densely in your wedding gown.


The use of embroidery over transparent in evening dresses, as well as wedding gowns, are often seen in recent years. Chosen by the brave brides, the embroidered bridal gowns can be also selected by the brides, who would not want to contradict with the spirit of the wedding dresses, which is representing the innocence of the bride, by limiting the use of transparency only to the arms and shoulders.