There are thousands and even millions of collectors living all over the world. The mutual aspect of these collectors is that, they might make a difference by turning their hobbies into private collections in the advancing years. A certain mass focuses on ceramics, paintings, vases, and artwork besides objects like classic automobiles, antique irons, and sewing machines. But, did you know that there is another mass that collect items such as hot sauce and milk bottles or toilet lids and is known throughout the world by means of these collections? The collectors that you may have heard for the first time have become famous all over the world with their interesting hobbies.

They tour the world for their collections
For some people, eating food is only a necessity. For others, it is a great pleasure and even a lifestyle. Vic Clinco who lives in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the people who are bound to food with passion, especially to spicy food. Clinco who gathers hot sauces from the countries he has been visiting for years has reached a hot sauce collection that has over 6 thousand items in 17 years. Right now, there is not another person on earth who has surpassed Clinco’s record, or who is as addicted to spicy food as he is.

Another interesting collector is Val Kolpakov who lives in America. Kolpakov who is a dentist started making a toothpaste collection in 2002. The interest of Kolpakov who recommends toothpaste to his patients due to his occupation gained a different aspect after he started collecting local toothpastes from the countries he visited throughout the years. Kolpakov who has collected over 400 different toothpastes in 15 years gains attention as being the person with the biggest toothpaste collection.

Jian Yang who has had a special interest in Barbie dolls ever since he was a child has been gathering different Barbie dolls from all over the world for his collection. Yang who currently has over 3 thousand Barbie dolls has turned buying newly released models immediately into a reflex.

From milk bottles to toilet seat lids…
Paul Luke who is a retired milkman living in London has been collecting milk bottles and cartons since he was nine. Luke who had a special interest in milk and milk bottles since it is both his hobby and his career had to build a museum in his front yard after there wasn’t any space left in his home. Luke who adds one or two new pieces to his collection every month dotes upon his milk bottles from the 1890s.

We are sure that you have never had an acquaintance that had a toilet lid collection. Barney Smith, an artist from Texas, has been adding a different touch to toilet lids for the last 30 years with his unusual interpretation of art. It is very hard to simply call the toilet lids that have Smith’s signature ‘just a toilet lid’. Because every piece in his collection has been turned into artwork with his designs and patterns. There are over 700 toilet lids in Smith’s collection. Many people want to own these uncommon toilet lids and they are in touch with him. Let’s also remind that there is only one of every toilet lid because his designs are completely personalized.

Different appearances come to the forefront
It is not quite possible to say that everyone will be successful in the kitchen. Sometimes misfortunes overlap each other and you may burn the bread you prepared with care or the bottom of your special meat dish may stick to the pan. You may be forced to throw away all of your effort whether you like it or not. But, the same situation has brought the harpist from Boston, Deborah Henson Conant, to a different point. Conant who goes to the kitchen to make a dessert with apples leaves the kitchen after putting it into the oven when she receives a phone call from a friend she hasn’t spoken to in a long time. After an hour, she comes to the kitchen to see that her dessert has already burned in the oven. But, Conant who thinks that her burned dessert has a different visuality opens a ‘Burnt Food Museum’ by advancing from this point. In this museum, different specials that are burnt from many countries are displayed.

The main pieces in the collection of Dr. Douglas Arbittier who has been gathering medical equipment for years are mainly surgical sets. There are very special pieces from the 1800s in Arbittier’s collection. All of the pieces in Arbittier’s collection are displayed on this site: Doctors and surgeons follow Arbittier who has established a museum for this theme closely.