In the business world, timelessness, stress, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity can lead to many diseases such as high blood pressure, gastritis or ulcer. However, by a little care we can avoid from these inconveniences and keep already existing diseases balanced.

While approximately 1,5 billion people around the world cope with this disorder, the number of patients with hypertension in our country has reached to nearly 15 million. Business life is one of the most difficult areas to cope with blood pressure. Having to eat outside, unhealthy diet and sedentary life, unfortunately, make it difficult to control blood pressure and can possibly trigger hypertension.

Dr Tekin Akpolat, from the Department of Nephrology in Live Hospital says that control is very important for the hypertension affecting the lives of many people in the business world not to be triggered by business life. Prof. Dr. Akpolat makes the following recommendations: “First, keep a blood pressure measuring device in your work office. In order to avoid hypertension, it is important to use less salt, not to skip meals and choose the right restaurant. Between meals, options such as pretzels and dry cake should be avoided  due to salt..When leaving the house, you can get a handful of nuts a fruit with you. ”

When dining out:
– Do not go out  for dinner when you are so hungry.
– Inspect menu carefully and select salt-free, low-fat and skim products.
– Consume by serving proportionally.
– Prefer white meat instead of red meat.
– Eat fruit instead of dessert .
– Avoid hot meals.
– Increase consumption of water and avoid sugary drinks.
– Use lemon and spices instead of salt in your food.

No heartburn  by  eating Smart
Nutrition is of a great importance in the digestive system diseases adversely affecting daily lives of patients, such as gastritis and ulcers with symptoms of stomach pain, nausea and  burning sensation. According to Prof. Dr. Melih Özel, Specialist of Gastroenterology in Anadolu Medical Center, you can relax your stomach and stop diseases such as gastritis and ulcers by eating smartly. Of course, your priorities  should not cause your resting stomach to release acid continuously. Concerning with malnutrition Özel also says: “Some people eat nothing from morning until evening but consume excessive food in the evening; some other wake up at night and eat up and wake up in the middle of their sleep. All these are disturbing digestive system functions. If you take reasonable calories splitted into three main meals, if you get breakfast, eat fruit or dried bread between meals. As the time between meals gets longer during the day, stop eating two hours before going  to bed. Then you will feel comfortable. Prof. Dr. Özel warns you against consuming food carefully that you know is going to bother you.

For a comfortable stomach:
– Reduce smoking as you can.
– Try not to drink tea, coffee, fizzy and fruit juices on an empty stomach as well.
– Excessive consumption of milk and dairy products increases acid secretion, so consume with care.
– Consume cooked vegetables, do not eat raw vegetables as the only option.
– Avoid from overly sweet syrup.
– Stay away from sharp tastes like hot pepper, spices, garlic, onion, vinegar.