Increase in Demand for A Dream Trip

Increase in Demand for A Dream Trip

The Ankara-Kars route, which is recognized among the world’s top four most beautiful train routes, has become a favorite of nature lovers and groups who want to take photographs.

The train journey, which lasts about 25 hours, offers a different travel experience compared to other means of transportation. The high quality of this pleasant journey at very affordable prices and the wide coverage of the trip on social media increase the demand.

The Eastern Express is currently running on two generators, one administrative car, two sleepers, four pullman cars, two couchette cars, one dining car, and two additional sleepers for the use of the agency, associations, student groups and so on. Express tickets for individual passengers are offered for sale 30 days in advance; the ticket requests for the two additional sleepers reserved for the use of groups are collected and evaluated on announced dates and fair distribution is provided.


The Eastern Express served 430 thousand passengers in 2018, 100 thousand more passengers compared to the previous year; it served 30 thousand passengers in the first month of 2019, 10 thousand more passengers compared to the previous year. It does not seem possible for infrastructural and technical reasons to increase its capacity by adding more cars to the Eastern Express or putting an additional train into service on this route for the time being.

Vangölü Express, Kurtalan Express, İzmir Mavi Train, Sofia Express are among the alternatives to the Eastern Express, the route of which is operated by the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation. The Eastern Express stops at 53 stations. Ticket sales for the Eastern Express are carried out via electronic ticket sales system as for other trains.