Increase Your Child’s Motivation Through Decoration

Increase Your Child’s Motivation Through Decoration

The comfort of the family members that reside in a house is one of the indispensables of a beautiful home. This is especially true when we consider the most important thing for parents being their children’s happiness and comfort.

No matter what age they are, children’s academic success is among the important subjects. For those parents who want to increase their children’s academic susses at the beginning of a new academic year, we prepared practical decoration tips for children’s bedrooms.


Bedrooms, studies, and reading spaces of children and teenagers should be decorated in a way which can be transformed easily when it is necessary. You should consider furniture with multiple functions to bring solutions to multiple issues in compact areas. Choosing a wardrobe that meets the needs and a bed with a storage space would gain you and your child an advantage, enjoying extra storage for items like clothes, comforters, and pillows.


A bedroom in order contributes to your child’s study time by increasing his/her motivation. Choosing a functional desk, study chair, and library is essential to create a tidy study environment.


The usage areas of our houses have been downsizing lately. You can have more room by using narrow libraries or book shelves in small homes. Another element that should be cared is the lighting in the room. You can choose white as the wall color to make the room look brighter. Using light colored carpeting also allows you to make the place look spacious by creating a feeling of roominess.


You should keep the floor empty as possible as you can to increase the effect of brightness while making a plan to place furniture into a suitable study room. While you are choosing the lighting elements keep in mind to prefer a floor lamp for general lighting. Soft light prevents sleep disorders, eye fatigue and distractibility. A desk lamp can support the lighting of the room. Using a reading lamp also would be useful while reading.


The wall color should be a pastel tone in your child’s study area. You can choose green and blue tones to generate a calm ambience for your child. Avoid the use of red that increases activity in hyperactive children’s rooms. Red and orange would be suitable options for children with peaceful natures and less motivation. The color of blue provides an easy drift into sleep and this is proven through research.


Multiple children have to share the same room in some households. In these situations, bunk beds come in very useful. In addition, you can design pleasant and comfortable living spaces for your children by determining the sleep, play and study areas well and solving the storage problem by using functional furniture. The most important fact you need to be aware in this case is to avoid the use of unnecessary furniture. If multiple children have to study in the same room than you should arrange their seating or desks in a way not to face each other.