Vu Technologies which focuses on technologies such as LED TVs, Ultra HD TVs, Super TVs, corporate displayers, video walls and digital sheets has become one of the most important players of the Indian market, combines technology and luxury with its innovative vision. We talked about how she would progress by which strategies she will invest in.

Devita Saraf, completed her buisness degree in the University of Southern Carolina after being educated on Management Technologies in Berkeley in the University Of California. Afterwards she took different education in the London School of Economics and The University of California in Berkeley. She was appointed as a member of the advisary board in The Viterbi School of Engineering and as the speaker of the Wharton-India Economic in The University of Pennsylvania. She started her career when she was 21 as the marketing director of the Zenith Computers Company that belonged to her family.

From marketing to being a CEO…
Saraf, Expalins trying to become an entrepreneur by founding Vu Technologies like this: “I saw that taking over my father Rajkumar Saraf’s informatic heritage in 2006 would not be enough for me. In this frame I followed every marketers dream and created the Zenith brand. Like this I went from being a marketer to a CEO.  I founded Vu Technologies, which comes with new principles is the leading television brand of the newly developing Indian market which combines technology and luxury in one vision.  Waterproof television, digital photograph squares, smart televisions, crystal decorated televisions, televisions carrying Mac and PC features and lastly ‘The Play and Iconum’ television series…”

50 million dollar job
Saraf, who has caught an important success in a male dominant sector especially in India answers questions as how to progressively invest in which strategies as a female entrepreneur like this: “Technology buisness doesnt posses an administrive strategy but a navigational  strategy.  As Vu Technologies we are continuing to work on our product development, administrive and distribution strategies.  Today a job as big as 50 million dollars is the matter in the LED televisions, ultra HD televisions, super televisions, corprate displayers, video walls, digital directional signs and touch/interactive display departments.. Vu Technologies has shops in shopping centers all across India. We have exhibition centers across India in 20 citys and an online sales platform.

5 percent of our income to Ar-Ge
Saraf who gives much importance to the companys infrastructure Ar-Ge says, “We have a new product development center that is based on the MIT Media Lab’s product development and human approach factor. Our Ar-Ge department is made up of 20 people. Right now we are working on more satisfying things like Netflix which we launched in the last few months. We spare 5 percent of our income to Ar-Ge. We have factorys in China, Korea and Taiwan. Our panel production in japan is still continuing. I am thinking about new features for our TV technology and customer interface in 2016 rather than new products. I am at the same time the Head of Vu Design Department. We are co operating with different design houses across the world.

Never give up
Saraf, makes this evaluation of leadership success and entrepreneurship in a buisness life and accumilation of success like this: “I see myself as a leader that is the combination of mishief and the mind. I am a singular spirit who doesnt obey the rules. This helps me put up a creative fight with global giants like LG, Samsung or Sony. The most important thing about success is creating happy receivers and increasing the number of happy receivers… No matter how far you go, you can always go forward. Never stop and never give up.”