For some, it might be a hassle to put clothes and make up on and off in the heat of summer… But with a couple of simple pieces you can keep your elegant look while enjoying your summer…
Here are the indispensable pieces for this summer and our tips:

An ostentatious necklace is a big and bold piece. It gives joy to stare at something perfectly made. It is hard not to be caught by the ostentatious jewelry syndrome, which is very popular this season. The summer collections include almost every type of necklace; necklaces with neon colors, big gems, long chains, metal plates, plexiglass, and natural stones.

-Definitely a must to pack! You can go on a weeklong travel with only two dresses and three ostentatious necklaces.
-When you are in a hurry, an artsy necklace is one of the essential pieces on which you can depend.

A flexible sun hat is a major accessory that you would need at a beach. Flea markets or shops in coastal towns carry the best models. You might want to decorate your panama hats using gems, beads, ribbons or slim scarves to your taste. The whole world would get that you are on a vacation when you combine a Panama with a summer dress and espadrilles.

-Usually, the shops in coastal towns sell the most beautiful sun hats.
-Choose a model that can be fit into a luggage easily.

Bracelets are one of the basic styling elements with which a woman could juggle. There are ones made with valuable or invaluable materials. They might be shiny, zestful, bold or more classic and traditional. This is completely up to your style. Try different kinds; match wood with silver, try chains…

Line up the thin gold bracelets around your arms. Be careful not to wear less than six. Mix the gold ones with the imitations.
-Purchase bakelite or cheap Indian bracelets from the flea market in bizarre colors for a fun appearance.
-If you would like to show off, try tennis bracelets. They will add charm and fun to your outlook.

If you do not own a good quality, white t-shirt that suits you and your style the best then I suggest you to get one immediately. You are not supposed to feel the existence of the t-shirts you wear nowadays; the lighter and the thinner are the best.

-Watch out for the neck cut. It is not supposed to be too high or too deep.
-Never wear a snug fitting t-shirt. A loose appearance would suit better.
-A white t-shirt could change your ambience, when matched with a sequined skirt.