Inner Worlds of Stars

Inner Worlds of Stars

If you are a celebrity known around the world, everything about you may awaken curiosity. Especially, when you have fans that follow every step of yours closely.

Many familiar names of the celebrity world have interesting hobbies. Some of them are collecting historical books, and some of them are in love with fencing. Some collect Barbie dolls and some manual typewriters…

These celebrities with so many fans around the world grab attention not only with their successful careers but also with their hobbies.

From historic books to James Bond collection

The global faces of the business and the entertainment world stand out with their interesting hobbies. It is time to take a closer look at these names whose professions and hobbies are  opposite. You might think that Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates would be a computer, the internet or smart phone based hobbyist. However, the reality is very different. The biggest hobby of the technology guru is old, historical and rare books. Gates, who is a bibliophile to the core, purchased Codex Leicester of Leonarda DaVinci for 30 million dollars most recently. Another hobby of Gates is sports cars, especially Porsche models.

Tesla’s founder Elon Musk’s hobby is also interesting. Musk, who is a huge fan of James Bond movies, has a special collection that consists of every small detail and object which has something to do with the series. Musk doesn’t recognize any limits when it comes to that. Lately, he bought the Lotus Esprit that was sunk during the shooting of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and added it into his collection after a comprehensive repair.

Some like Barbie dolls and some like fencing

Many Hollywood celebrities draw attention with their extraordinary hobbies as well as their talents. Johnny Depp is among those names and he becomes to prominence with his Barbie doll collection. Having been the center of attention during his acting career thanks to her different style and unique nature, Depp has a wide collection of Barbie dolls. Depp’s interest in Barbie dolls began when he was playing with her daughter. Depp’s collection consists of hundreds of Barbie dolls, including Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan dolls. Depp dresses them up according to the latest trends of Hollywood when he finds the opportunity.

Among the prominent names of the action movies, Tom Cruise has a sportive character. Having met with fencing during the shooting of The Last Samurai, Cruise has turned it into a lifestyle. Cruise, who has given his heart to this sports branch, which is mostly known to many because of the Olympics, fences at his leisure. He exercises fencing with famous names such as David Beckham and Bruce Dickinson.

Dagger and manual typewriter collections

Another celebrity who is interested in historical objects is Tom Hanks… The biggest hobby of Hanks is collecting manual typewriters. Including over 200 manual typewriters into his collection, Hanks maintains them very well. Keeping them in a special area, Hanks take care of them personally when he finds the time.

Hollywood’s beautiful star Angelina Jolie is a dagger enthusiast. Did this surprise you? Her passion for daggers began with the dagger her mother gave her as a present when she was twelve. She has tens of daggers in her collection. It has been rumored that this collection includes pieces of Sürmene knives that are produced in Trabzon, Turkey.

Among the richest golf players of the world, Tiger Woods loves spearfishing. Woods who spearfish in the ocean can stay underwater without the use of oxygen tanks up to four minutes thanks to the lessons he got.