Innovations at Decoration

Innovations at Decoration

Art pieces, intensive use of plants for indoors, fun bathroom concept are the new leading actors of decoration…

It’s time to hear the popular arrangements of this year for those who want to make changes in their living spaces…


The yearning for being in touch with nature directly affects the decoration trends this year. Planting indoors is very important this year. The feeling of nature created on the balconies will be indispensable.


The gift of social media for decoration: colorful and fun bathrooms… Now people form a corner for social media in their bathrooms. This trend is expected to continue increasingly.


The trend of keeping the general design simple in the living spaces and adding artiness to the atmosphere by using art pieces is coming. Although it sounds like a style which is a little expensive, the savings caused by keeping the whole house simple, make it easy to have a piece of art.


The most used trend of recent years, industrial architecture, is expected to be replaced by a warmer style. More vivid colors will be preferred compared to black, gray, and their shades. In the lighting, the options that are dimmed and do not tire the eyes will be in the foreground.