The “Physhome” project, led by CEO of Allianz Türkiye Aylin Somersan Coqui, was the winner of the “TÜSİAD Bu Genclikte Contest this year. The team of this project, offering a wearable technology with mobile health solution that enables physiotherapy to be done anytime, anywhere and in the right way, consists of Boğaziçi University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department students Cihat Erbay and Berhudan Aslan and İstanbul University Computer Engineering Department student Mahmut Jiyan Aslan and Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department student Safa Andaç.

Different and innovative
Allianz Türkiye CEO Aylin Somersan Coqui who guided the first team with the project “TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var!” says that the Physhome project first entered the top 35 among 1500 business ideas and then became the winner. We asked her what kind of mentorship she provided to the students during the Physhome project: “As Allianz Türkiye, we were one of the sponsors of the “TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var!” contest. In addition, this year I also undertook the mission of guidance for young people on the project. In this respect, it was not only a material but also a spiritual support project. We have worked to inspire young people, to direct them to work on their ideas, and to help them transform those ideas into a business plan. Within the scope of “TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var!” we have carefully assessed the initiatives of the first 35 in Allianz organization. We have supported the Physhome project, because we believe that innovative business models for innovative and diverse solutions should be further supported for the development of our country. We have created a work plan with the project team and the coordination of the works is carried out by our “Innovation Office”. During this time, we enabled the project team to find opportunities to meet many people from different disciplines and different perspectives. So they could develop different points of business models at the same time in a limited time. ”

Very easy technology to use
Berhudan Aslan, among the creators of the Physhome project, explains how the four students came together within the scope of this project: “I have known Cihat Erbay since the preparatory class and we have been studying in the same department. Last year, we were working on a completely different project. We thought about how to use motion detection technology developed for that project in other areas. On the other hand, there were also physical complaints in our families; in fact almost everybody has these problems. The most important thing we accomplished by establishing Physhome was using the developed motion detection technology in a field that was not widely used before. In October 2016, we made the decision to start working on the project seriously. We first applied to the Boğaziçi University Incubation Center and set up an open office. During the time that we have been working on the project, we have seen once again how much those who suffer during physical therapy needed to have such a system. Physhome is a technology that can be adapted to people’s everyday life and is extremely easy to use. 450 million people around the world go through painful physical therapy sessions to regain lost mobility, by forcing their bodies. The number of physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists is not proportional with the number of patients treated. The cost of extended treatments only in America is $625 billion, including the indirect work force loss. We developed Physhome to remove this problem. ”

A great success achieved
Berhudan Aslan who states that approximately 1500 projects entered the contest “TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var” says, “We were thrilled when the Physhome project entered the first 35 projects with its features after the eliminations. At this point, you are matched with a guide from TÜSİAD in accordance with the rules of the competition. Our guide was Allianz Türkiye CEO Aylin Somersan Coqui. This was how we met with Allianz. We are pleased that the collaborative work we have carried out under the guidance of Aylin Somersan Coqui and coordinated by the Allianz Innovation Office has brought our project to the forefront. What was more interesting and nice than Aylin Somersan Coqui being our manager was that, she felt like a part of the team and that brought a thrill and a sense of responsibility to our team. After that day, our work continued to increase until the presentation day for the competition. The work we have done with Allianz under the coordination of Melike Demirel and Şahika Özcan from Innovation Office has enabled everything to be detailed from finance to sales channels and future phases of the project. The fact that Physhome avoided the future costs of insurance companies through preventive treatments and provided them with protective treatment matched Allianz’s company policies as well. As a result, we signed a great success together.”