İstanbul Airport Continues to Grow

İstanbul Airport Continues to Grow

Our work for the third runway at the İstanbul Airport, which has carried Turkey to the top in aviation, is ongoing.

Thanks to the third independent runway, which is planned to be in service soon at the İstanbul Airport, it will become the first airport in Turkey and the second in Europe after Amsterdam capable of independent parallel operation with this number of runways. However, we also initiated our efforts to implement the ‘simultaneous landing on three runways’, which is not implemented in any country except the USA, at the İstanbul Airport. In this way, Turkey’s new door that opens to the world, İstanbul Airport, which separates from many other airports of the world thanks to its technical features, will provide a significant relief about the travel experience by means of its third independent runway.

When the third runway becomes operational, İstanbul Airport will have three independent runways and five operational runways including spare runways. Thanks to the new runway, air traffic capacity will increase from 80 aircraft take-offs/landings to 120 per hour, while the slot flexibility of the airlines will increase. In addition, with the completion of the third runway, which is close to the pier where domestic flights are operated, the current taxi times will be reduced by 50%. Initially, we plan to use three runways in different combinations. Then, depending on the traffic, some runways will be used for take-off, some runways for landing or both landing and take-off. This method will provide a significant increase in the number of aircraft capable of hourly landing and take off.

İstanbul Airport, which continues to grow with each passing day, will be one of the most important drivers of the 20-year growth story of our country, as we always say, as it reaches its full capacity. It will meet the needs of Asia and Africa as well as İstanbul and will bring İstanbul to its rightful position in the international airline market. It will become one of the most important distribution centers in the world, especially in Europe and Asia-Pacific geography. İstanbul will be a city that goes beyond its era just like it was in the time of Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

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Minister of Transport and Infrastructure