It is The Right Time to Fish

It is The Right Time to Fish

Have you ever wondered why so many people go out early in the morning, go to a secluded seaside and fish for hours?

Although it may seem like a very dormant action, fishing is the ideal way to distract the mind and relieve stress. The number of white-collar workers who start a new week energized by fishing at the weekend is rapidly increasing.

Our country is located on a peninsula surrounded by seas on three sides and is very convenient for fishing. We live in a very rich geography in terms of lakes and rivers. Therefore, fish can be caught in very different conditions. If you’re going to go fishing somewhere with strong currents like the Bosphorus, you should have weights in different sizes. Or the weight won’t sink. Don’t forget to have a spare fishing rod and raincoat with you just in case. Squid is one of the most ideal bait for catching fish such as sea bream. For large and sharp-toothed fish, steel wire is used in a part of the fishing line. If you accidentally catch a poisoned fish, you should also have a bottle of ammonia with you. Now, let’s take a look at Turkey’s most enjoyable fishing destinations.

Bozcaada and Gökçeada

Bozcaada and Gökçeada waters are full of sea bream, coral, sea bass, and dentex. There are many virgin bays around the two islands that can be reached by road. Depending on the wind conditions in Bozcaada, the wharf, harbor, and Ayazma coast are the most popular regions for amateur fishermen. Turkey’s first underwater natural park is in Gökçeada. It starts from Yıldızkoy in the northeast of the island and extends for 1 nautical mile to Yelkenkaya.

From İstanbul to Çanakkale
Those who want to catch freshwater fish close to İstanbul prefer the Ömerli Dam Lake on the Anatolian Side, the family picnic areas around Riva Creek, and the Terkos Lake where pikes can be caught or the Bahşayış village within the borders of Çatalca with a shore to Büyükçekmece Lake on the European Side. The fish to be caught on your fishing rod in freshwater is mostly roach. You can also catch carp using worms as bait. Pike and catfish are among the delicious fish that can be caught in Terkos Lake and Büyükçekmece Lake. Kalyon Bay is a natural wonder to the east of Ağva. You can ride for four kilometers on an asphalt road to the village of Bucaklı and then take the dirt road that leads to the beach. You will pass by the giant water pipes of the Melen Project and reach the seaside in four kilometers.  The Kadırga Bay is reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords. Rocks, resembling giant quartz crystals, go down to the sea by forming large steps. There is a large terrace 15 meters above the sea, where you can catch fish without getting wet even on the days when the sea is rough. In October and November, especially on weekends, about 20-30 fishermen in this deserted bay cast their lines until midnight. It is an ideal area for bluefish. Two banded bream, which is no longer seen in the Marmara Sea, is caught on the shores of Çanakkale, Gallipoli and the Aegean Sea, Babakale beaches. Black bream, sea bass, coral, sea bream are among the other valuable fish of the region… Again from Çanakkale to Antalya, mud-sand shrimps can be used as bait to catch two banded bream and sea bass.

Black Sea, Aegean, and Mediterranean

The legendary location of the Black Sea, Akçakoca, stands out with its green nature, oxygen, and fresh air. Akçakoca attracts attention with different fish species. It will be useful to be there especially in the hunting season. Güllük is one of the most beautiful locations in Bodrum for those who live in Bodrum or are thinking of going. It is a perfect place to relax or camp in a peaceful and calm environment. If you are tired of staying at hotels or hostels, you can take your tent and go to Güllük. You can also take part in affordable fishing tours.  Konyaaltı, located on the west side of Antalya, is one of the most popular beaches for holiday lovers. Many people fish in Konyaaltı, especially on the weekends. This activity, which is one of the biggest hobbies of the locals, is also an opportunity for visitors. When it comes to İzmir… The Aegean’s beloved Güzelbahçe district of İzmir stands out as the most favorite address for those who want to fish. Kuşadası, which hosts the National Park, also appeals to a special audience who wants to fish through different boat tours and do nature sports like paragliding, mountaineering, and horse riding as well .