During the biggest automobile show of Europe, the Paris Motor Show, many makers had made an appearance with their new models this year. The Paris Motor Show, which is organized every other year alternately with the Frankfurt Motor Show, had attracted 140 thousand visitors in its opening year 1898 and 232 vehicles had been displayed. Over 1.2 million automobile enthusiasts had visited the one that was organized in 2012. Over 120 models are going to have their world premiers and over 200 models are going to be displayed at the Paris Motor Show that opened its doors for the 114th times this year. It is expected to reach a record number of visitors this year. During the show, many models, which present importance for our Turkish markets, are going to be exhibited this year. While some of those models are going to be presented to the Turkish markets starting from the end of this year, some important models are going to be exported as 2015 models.

VW is landing new Passat    
The German carmaker VW has exhibited the 8th generation Passat. Developed on a new platform, Passat is going to be sold in sedan and station wagon body options. The automobile is going to be imported to our Turkish markets starting from 2015. Compared to its older version, the new vehicle has 79 mm longer wheelbase. The average fuel-burn rates are pulled down thanks to its lighter weight. Besides the gas and diesel engine options, hybrid technology is also going to be used. Another innovation by VW at the show was the new Touareg that was modified extensively. The European premiere of the vehicle was done during the show and it drew the attention to its LED headlights, modified front face, and rich equipment packages.

The new Opel Corsa is on the stage
The fifth generation Opel Corsa was displayed in Paris for the first time. The new Corsa is going to be presented to the Turkish markets in the first months of 2015. Besides models with the options of 1.0 Ecotec engine, models with 1.4 and 1.3 lt diesel engine options are going to be imported.

The newest of the Ford
Completely new, second generation S-MAX, which was one of the stars at the Paris Motor Show, presents both the comfort and dynamism together in one sports activity vehicle as a family car. S-MAX features glare-free high beam headlights called Ford Dynamic LED Headlights. It is also the only vehicle that presents pre-collusion assist technology in its class.

The world premier of Hyundai i20
The new model that was manufactured at Hyundai’s İzmit facility, i20 and its 3-door Coupe version had their world premiers in Paris. The models, which were produced about 200 by doubling the production capacity by means of an investment worth of 1.1 million Turkish Lira, are going to be the locomotives of the export. The model, which its indigenousness ratio reaches to a record level of 65-70 percent, is going to be exported in large numbers.

A new period begins in FIAT
The biggest innovation of the Italian manufacturer Fiat was 500X, the sibling of Jeep Renegade. Small SUV had received credits thanks to its elegant features besides its practical features. The vehicle is going to be presented with the options of 1.4 lt turbo engine, 1.4 lt and 2.0 lt diesel engine. 4X4 and automatic transmission options are also going to be available just as it was with its Jeep version.

KIA Sorento comes with 2.0 lt diesel
KIA had introduced the new Sorento and modified Rio and Venga models in Paris. On the stand next to those models, the new KIA Optima T-Hybrid concept is going to take place. The vehicle presents the diesel-electric light hybrid technology that ensures fuel efficiency. The third generation Sorento is going to be the most important model in our markets. The model draws the attention to its strong body structure, modifications of the suspension and steering systems, noise reduction, and long wheelbase. The manufacturing of the car, which is also going to be presented in 2.0 diesel engines, is going to start at the end of this year and it is going to be marketed in Europe in the first half of 2015.

An extraordinary concept from Citroen
The French brand that had experienced the comfort of being the host of the show promoted their innovative design at the show. The concept car named Citroen DS Divine was the center of the attention with its extraordinary features.

595 horsepower Ferrari
Another center of the attention at the show was one of the strongest automobiles Ferrari 458 Speciale A. The car that can reach from 0 to 100km/h in only 3 seconds with 596 horsepower had aroused interest with its sportive details and special interior design.

Nissan’s honor Pulsar versus Golf
Nissan had displayed its HB model Pulsar, of which the production process has begun in Spain, at the Paris Motor Show. The axle of the model, which measures 4.39 m X 2.70, is a little bigger than VW Golf’s is. It is going to start showing its face in the East European markets towards the end of this year. At first, the vehicle is going to be offered in 1.5 lt turbo diesel and 1.2 lt gas engines. Later, the vehicles with 1.6 lt (190 hp) gas and CVT automatic transmission options are going to be presented.

Renault Espace is reborn
Renault has premiered the new Espace during the 2014 Paris Motor Show. This large, elegant, and innovative crossover, which combines the design and the attraction together, adopts the features of the concept car that was premiered one year ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The versions with 5 and 7 seats of the Espace, which has proven itself since 30 years, are going to be produced. The vehicle, which is going to have practical interior details, is going to draw attention to its innovative interior design.

Skoda Fabia increased the quality with its third generation
Skoda Fabia, which is gone under a complete renovation, had a premier at the Paris Motor Show. Fabia that attracts attention with its strength, practical and easy usage is on stage with its third generation. It is 90 mm wider and 30 mm lower than the second generation. Its weight is reduced by 65 kg compared to its predecessor. 1.0 MPI 3-cylinder version of the new Skoda Fabia weighs only 980kg.

Modified Honda Civic Family is more elegant
Modified Honda Civic HB and Civic Tourer had their premiers in Paris. The models were rejuvenated with small touches. The new information screen is compatible with smart phones. The front bumper of Civic is modified. The new headlights with integrated daytime running lights draw interest.