By analyzing future trends that will influence every sector from food to design, from healthcare to tourism, and from technology to retail, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence Trend Forecasts Director Shepherd Laughlin gives inspiration to a number of entrepreneurs. Laughlin who interprets the prominent data of the Future 100 Report, which was constructed within J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, put the new trends that would direct the business world, entrepreneurs and different industries in 2017 under the scope.

Consumer insights are analyzed
J. Walter Thompson Intelligence Trend Forecasts Director Shepherd Laughlin has a different vision that analyzes how the expectations of consumers from different cultural backgrounds evolve. Laughlin’s interpretations, which reach new trends by observing the insights at the intersection of consumer segments, will inspire many sectors. Laughlin explains how they differentiate through their trend analyzes: “We reach new trends from insights. We then present this data to our target mass and brands from different sectors. We have a unique agency identity. We regiment all of our work through the data we receive from consumers. We also benefit from social media analyses for this subject. We treat the inspiring consumer data on innovations and insights aimed towards new trends in a very broad sense. A team of five that works in New York within The Innovation Group prepares The Future 100 Reports. We also have teammates in London and Beirut who actively produce projects in this regard. We offer consultancy to active brands from various sectors to determine their future strategies. We also work with other groups within the company as a team. We develop different projects to make our works influence the global arena.”

New developments in the food and healthcare sectors 
Shepherd Laughlin who points out the rise of the concept of ‘healthonism’, which combines health and hedonism concepts in food and drink sectors, makes the following comment: “When we examined the Y generation, we noticed the special interest of this generation in more healthy and natural products. They give importance to enjoying the process as they consume what is natural and healthy. This triggered the ‘healthonism’ or with other words the ‘new natural’ process. There is currently a drop in the consumption of carbohydrate-focused products in America. A beverage company named La Croix was able to catch a successful start with the new natural trend. This brand, which produces mineral water that can also be used in cocktails, is not artificially flavored, and has zero calories.” Laughlin who highlights the prominence of different practices in healthcare and meditation says, “Spirituality is very common among today’s youngsters. The newest term in this respect we come across is ‘awareness’. In this aspect, healing sound baths or, with other words, sound therapies have become to prominence.”

Adrenaline dress has opened up a new horizon
Shepherd Laughlin who emphasizes that innovative development towards wearable technology will continue continues to his words: “Significant works have been done on designs towards wearable technology for almost 5 years now. Every year, a large event is organized at the Metropolitan Museum. The prominent designs that take place in these organizations dominate the fashion world. Prominent fashion groups of the world now make much more investments into technology. One of the most important examples in this regard is the exhibition titled Manus X Machina at the Metropolitan Museum. With the rise of wearable technology, one of the most important examples of fashion and technology meeting on one platform would be 3D-printed designs. The most innovative and prominent example of this would be the ‘adrenaline dress’ designed with the cooperation of the Chromat and Intel brands… This design calculates the stress or adrenaline level and body temperature of the wearer thanks to the sensors packed into the dress. The wings on the dress move as the adrenaline level of the wearer increases. This shows that the clothes we wear can reflect the reactions of our bodies in medium term. We will see the reflections of this in the future as well.”

2017 trends will start an innovative transformation
Shepherd Laughlin makes the following comment for important trends that were prominent in 2016 and will continue their influence in 2017 as well: “New games that use virtual reality technology heavily will enter the agenda. Project works focusing on technology and innovation, especially in the Silicon Valley, will continue without losing speed. Brands that offer much more personalized experiences to their target mass in the tourism sector and the alternative travel sector will rise. All brands that make attribute to social benefits will pass the others by a landslide. Interest in new, functional, and modular living spaces will increase. Especially those in the toy industry will benefit from artificial intelligence while designing toys with the purpose of shaping children’s personal growth positively. One of the most interesting trends of 2017 will be ‘halal tourism’. This topic concerns the hotels for now. The special vacation, socializing, eating, and drinking options that appeal to the needs of the Muslim populace will quickly advance in the upcoming year. There are prominent examples of this in Asia. The Al Meroz Hotel in Bangkok and the Syariah Hotel Fusion in Japan would be some of the most successful examples in this respect. We will intensely feel the effects of the augmented reality trend in 2017 as well. We will also enter an era where brands that aren’t sexist will quickly climb the ladder of success.”