The İzmir Clock Tower that has become the symbol of İzmir is an historical work, which is located at Konak Square since 1901.

‘In front of the Clock Tower’ is among the landmarks that would come to one’s mind first when making meeting arrangements in İzmir. You can adjust your watch correctly according to the valuable work that has been able to show time smoothly until today.

The Clock Tower, which decorates Konak Square and also the symbol of İzmir, is in fact a valuable art work. The Grand Vizier Mehmet Said Pasha had appointed the architect Raymond Charles Péré to its construction during the 25th anniversary of Abdülhamit II’s rise to the throne in 1901. The tower is one of the landmarks that comes to one’s mind first when İzmir is mentioned.

The German Emperor Wilhelm II had presented the clock of the tower as a gift.

The tower is 25 meters tall and consists of four tiers. It had been built on top of an eighty-one square meters of a marble platform, which is a pentagon shaped as a crucifix with four-steps. Its columns are inspired by North Africa theme and it is surrounded by three fountains on each of the four sides.

Any Ottoman traces and the Ottoman tuğra (Sultan’s signature) had been removed from the tower later.

The Clock Tower had been damaged due to the powerful earthquakes that took place in 1928 and in 1974; however, the damages had been repaired in short time.

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality had made a request from the composer-performer Ali Kocatepe to compose a commemorative song for its 100th anniversary in 2001.